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Software engineer living and working near Edinburgh, Studied history at uni wrote corporate software for 15 years. Now supporting software for radio telescopes

Spare time is raising teens, board games movies online comics shows like Steven universe or sleeping through art programs

Happy to chat about any of that stuff or anything else.

Washing done, lawn mown and large amount of cheese thrown out for the starving starlings

Lovely sunny day for a walk near Athelstaneford. Turned out to be surprisingly hedgrowy with butterflies and bees and that sort of thing.

At this stage it all looks very neat. What doesn't show is all the hard work by and the team putting together the SKA program increment(PI) #3 planning meeting at

Curried Pancakes for breakfast are a thing. Works surprisingly well, would recommend but have mints.

The nice side about travel delays is that it gives you time to read non work stuff. Good authors leave you feeling very thought provoked.

Plug socket by the bed for my phone. Instantly this place goes up in my estimation.

Thanks to Robert at customer service at Heathrow. Annoying to have flight rescheduled without anyone saying but he did a super job of apologising and finding us an alternative and lounge access while we wait.

Mizzled: The kind of wet you are by the end of the day, when you thought this morning it would be lovely and sunny.

Big thanks to ?Monta at fort kinaird Edinburgh who went out of her way to make sure I got my birthday cupcake today. Great service :-)

Hmm - over lunch this corner of the site has sprouted a) A shrubbery b) Another shrubbery and a path.

I suspect I may have missed something. My feed seems full of humour like:
Two dogs: Why do dragons have big feet?
Two dogs: To put out burning innocents
Sad viking looks at dead dog

Just found a bunch of my old MSc books. Emphasis was obviously on the C at the time.

Yeah Yeah this pirate's first love be the C and all that ...

A colleague was showing this off. Awesome work !

Really enjoyed last night. For me the coffee cups left by the crew on the set added to the realism.

Peter Kropotkin was a big fan of what was to become the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
Part of the fun of browsing in is finding unexpected gems.

How to take a picture of a Black Hole - just a lovely explanation by Dr Katie Bouman of what yesterday's Black Hole picture is all about.

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