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We're Deliverooing a Macdonalds in tonight because why not! Can't wait for the milkshake. 😁

Off for fireworks and a mini bonfire at my parent's tonight, can't wait to see my brother, sister in law and my lovely little niece! I've got pork pies and mushy peas to heat up and I've made some salted caramel for a treat afterwards 😊

(Owning my content:

So glad to get the dentist appointment out of the way. Even though he's such a nice guy past experience has made me very uneasy when I go these days.

First time walking home since the clocks went back. It's so much darker and the sky is beautiful!

Really looking forward to getting home and putting my feet up, it's been a long day today 😴

Cheese and biscuits and horror films will make for interesting dreams tonight πŸ˜…

Watching all of The Walking Dead again so I'm ready to watch the final season 😁

Started off Halloween month well, Till Death on Friday, The Exorcist last night and The Haunting in Connecticut today. Love a good horror movie!

The quality of driving in the UK has plummeted since lockdown. Today I say a guy slam on the breaks with traffic behind him just because he didn't know where to go. He almost caused multiple accidents including pedestrians. People need to get real.

Started Midnight Mass today, the first two episodes are great, so different from the last two seasons. Looking forward to the rest 😊

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