Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. Get your own domain name and install a self-hosted blog on it. Stay away from commercial and hosted platforms. That's the best way to be independent, decentralized and stay in control.

@markosaric Ghost on DigitalOcean as a one-click install app is perfect!

@markosaric Absolutely. I will always write for my own blog at and anything like Medium is simply where I might choose to syndicate content (with a link back to the canonical copy on my own site of course).

@jared exactly. these commercial platforms can be useful for promotional purposes.

@markosaric I really don't get the point of Medium other than saving you the hassle of setting up your own blog.

@akmur it can be useful for promotional purposes thanks to the in-built social network/traffic. you can syndicate some content from your blog to medium with links back in order to drive awareness and extra reach/traffic

I'm working on a foss medium alternative, custom domains is a good thing for the feature list

@markosaric Or at least use :) where you still get some degree of control. But best would be to have your own blog for sure

@markosaric Just curious, what would you recommend for someone who currently uses Blogger?

I do have my own domain name which Blogger redirects to. But don't know how to set up a self hosted site that: isn't too techie, allows inserting images with ease, AND, doesn't require too many spoons to manage it.

FYI: I've tried Plume and it's way too much work.

@GwenfarsGarden I use self-hosted It's really not that difficult to set up. No tech know-how needed. See my instructions and let me know if something doesn't make sense:

@markosaric mmm, I've been avoiding WordPress because of some bad experiences in the past. Though I think it's because I was using another orgs version of WP which I had no control over and getting problems sorted was a major pain.

After scanning through your post, my main concern now is the being responsible for the maintenance (spam, backup etc), or if I tick the auto upgrade section, would that deal with this?

Do you know anything about migrating from Blogger to WP?

Sorry, lots of questions. If you need any gardening advice, I can swap you!

@GwenfarsGarden yeah, backup is simple with that one tick. for spam, you activate "Akismet" plugin which I will add to that guide. it's possible to move your Blogger content to WP and redirect your URL too - see

@markosaric ok, wow, this seems easier than I thought. Though I still don't really trust it will move all my Blogger stuff without problems! I have nearly 500 post dating back to 2005.

I think I'll need to read through it all carefully (I just scanned today) and work out when I have the energy to start this.

And it sounds like I can keep my current URL, which is good as only a couple of months ago I paid for another two years for the domain name.

Thanks for your help. I've been wanting to move from Blogger for a while as I'm trying to de-Google my life, but I've not felt confident about doing this. But I feel more so now and really appreciate your time.

@GwenfarsGarden you're welcome. take it one step at a time and use it as a fresh start.

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