Google is doing their best to get even more people to ditch Chrome and switch to better and faster browsers such as Firefox and Brave

@inditoot hmm I don't think there's any proof of that and it is open source. also the crypto part is optional from what I've seen

@markosaric The business models of the main browsers which most people use are dumpster fires. This is really a crisis of how software development and maintenance is funded. Firefox supports its 1000+ staff with money from Google and non-consentually collects detailed telemetry about users by default. Brave is a whole other kettle of worms.

@bob yeah, it's not an ideal situation. i spend most of my computer time within a browser so i really need to use one and firefox is the sanest option that i can see right now.

@markosaric I use Tor browser and IceCat, which don't have the same issues that vanilla Firefox does.

@markosaric I was so going to boost your post, but then you mentioned Brave and "better and faster" in the same sentence ;)

@markosaric you realize this will impact Brave (which is built on Chromium) too, right? Firefox may keep their webRequest API implementation but it would be a lot of work for little reward for Brave to maintain it out of the upstream Chromium distribution.

@da yeah i'm aware it's built on chromium but don't really know how it will affect them. adblocking is a big part of what they do so they must find a solution

@markosaric Brave’s own adblocker is built-in to the browser and not implemented as an extension. It does affect other extensions you want to run on Brave, though.

re LB: ohhh no, going to Brave from Chrome is not progress!

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