My site is now without any cookies, analytics tracking, Google fonts, advertising banners, pop-ups and third-party requests. Pure content. Fast to load. Hosted on an environmentally friendly server too

How you do that? most wordpress must have cookie to login.. right?

@x that's on the back end. i was talking about the front end and the perspective of visitors. nothing necessary for them.

ahh ok got it..
I been working on my own wordpress theme, not even done yet..

@markosaric this is 100 times more important than using a static site generator or any other techbro fashion! Your website is beautiful to look at and inspiring. May I ask if the carbon neutral hosting is provided by a commercial company?

@steko thanks for the kind words, appreciate it! yeah, did some research and found this nice independent company doing hosting powered by renewable energy and am happy with service I've received. they're on top of my hosting list now

@markosaric it does have a WordPress auto update backdoor though...

But props to the clean design showing that design and ethics aren't exclusive.

I've done similar with my blog but I chose to expose the default stylesheet as a personal statement, though no reason why it can't use a fully jazzed up theme:

I like the carbon neutral thing, I took a slightly different approach which you might be interested in:

@thinkMoult thanks for the kind words and for sharing your approach!

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