Mozilla stopped advertising across all of Facebook’s businesses because of the company’s data practices. They shifted more of their dollars to offline marketing efforts and content marketing.

It's not difficult to make a faster and less intrusive web. If you're running on WordPress, simply use fewer plugins. Your site loads faster with fewer scripts and third-party connections.

"There is a direct correlation between plugin count and poor performance. Each additional plugin knocks roughly 3.2 points off of Google PageSpeed. Around 1% of small business WordPress sites use 15+ plugins"

@thinkMoult thanks for the kind words and for sharing your approach!

@steko thanks for the kind words, appreciate it! yeah, did some research and found this nice independent company doing hosting powered by renewable energy and am happy with service I've received. they're on top of my hosting list now

@x that's on the back end. i was talking about the front end and the perspective of visitors. nothing necessary for them.

My site is now without any cookies, analytics tracking, Google fonts, advertising banners, pop-ups and third-party requests. Pure content. Fast to load. Hosted on an environmentally friendly server too you're welcome. take it one step at a time and use it as a fresh start.

@andybaio you're right! just disabled advanced UI myself, but kept the dark mode 😀 yeah, backup is simple with that one tick. for spam, you activate "Akismet" plugin which I will add to that guide. it's possible to move your Blogger content to WP and redirect your URL too - see I use self-hosted It's really not that difficult to set up. No tech know-how needed. See my instructions and let me know if something doesn't make sense:

This one is for all the marketers trying hard to reach the 1% newsletter signup conversion rate by annoying 99% of their visitors.

@ranx good idea. i would expect the numbers to be even lower for open-source enthusiasts and/or privacy-conscious people!? 😀 yeah, medium has the audience unfortunately. the original was published on my own site

@charlag 😀 yeah, medium has the audience unfortunately. the original was published on my own site

@da yeah i'm aware it's built on chromium but don't really know how it will affect them. adblocking is a big part of what they do so they must find a solution

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