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So I've been stuck on the camera policy for my Zoom classes. I totally get the worries about student privacy and invasiveness. But I also know that my teaching gets radically worse when I'm facing mostly all black squares. So this time, I tried complete honesty.


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Quick 🧵on consumer social trend right now

1/ It's not just about audio as a new format. Or remote-first life.

It's about reclaiming all the things that the last 10 yrs of social media (ahem FB, Insta, Twtr) has taken away from us.

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1/ Joining a team / company in remote mode is SUCH a different experience. I expected that but still, now that I'm going through it myself, I can see how for companies that are hiring 100's of new employees this is a REAL challenge.

Couple of thoughts on remote-first starts 👇

What I really want is a combined Planning/Bug Tracking system that acknowledges that planned new work transitions into bug tracking, but allows for separate views of both worlds

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Key Animation: ???
Anime: Hibike! Euphonium (響け!ユーフォニアム) (2015)


Really need to come up with a reason/excuse to use my camera more. It's been way to long.

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1/ NEWS! 🧵 So last week was a REALLY good week in my world. We turned a new page as a country 🇺🇸, got our first female Vice President 💃🏾and with that awesome backdrop, I started off my new chapter too! I'm loving the parallel. 😁


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marin county doing it right. 5mins. drive in/walk up vax site. no insurance card needed. run by county, not hospital. setup in gym. can handle 2,000/day, roughly 1% of county population. they’ll be done by march at this rate! state of CA + other counties should replicate twitter.com/abc7newsbayarea/st

Managed to get my custom zsh environment up on iSH (Complete with a powerline font! Thanks Fontcase @Iconfactory)

The thermal popping of the 2016 13" MBP chassis is still disturbing to this day...

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Acabo de descubrir en Twitter esta maravilla.

Este chico sube su versión de una canción marinera neozelandesa llamada SeaShanty a su Tiktok.

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Gregg Popovich's full answer on why he didn't think Becky Hammon coaching was a 'big deal.' "We didn't hire Becky to make history. She earned it."

The "Suddenly out in public without a mask" dream is the new "Didn't go to class all semester and it's the final today" dream

Thought I would try to get off to a good start with some straight forward reflection...


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