Project Fi is interesting. It is basically the opposite of every other carrier. FI gives you a maximum amount you'll pay and then lets you pay less if you use less data. Other carriers define the minimum amount you'll pay and then charge more if you go over the limit.

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I spent last week leading some workshops at the Federal Reserve Bank in Denver on how to use Behavior Driven Development. For the exercise we used a fleet of small robots. Lots of fun!

Don't build software like Vader built the Death Star! Let's talk about lowering software risk at NDIA's Agile in Government Conference on 6/6/18. (

No matter how quickly new software features are completed, they can’t be used until they are deployed into production. By removing the risks and costs associated with manual deployment, organizations are free to deliver rapid small changes to running systems at much lower risk than traditional approaches. The very change management requirements that appear to be barriers to rapid deployment often provide the foundation for continuous delivery when risk is viewed holistically.

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My mom got a parking ticket today because she set her parking disc after her car’s clock—which was off by an hour.

If Mercedes can’t crack the technological challenge of automatic accounting for daylight savings, how comfortable do you feel about the future of autonomous vehicles?

Success is achieved, not in the way you spend your next year, but in how you spend your next 20 minutes.

The world makes more transistors in a year than we grow grains of rice.

Three statisticians went duck hunting. A duck came into view and the first two shot--one 5 feet to the right and one 5 feet to the left. The third lowered his gun and yelled, "We got it!"


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