@nat what i find really scary is there teachers would do better if they just used the old-fashioned method. "Hooked on Phonics," the product, was shown to be ineffective, but phonics itself is critical. "Look at pictures and guess" seems like a bastardization of context clue strategies, which, as you know, you use AFTER you've phonetically figured out a new word. How were these teachers taught to read when they were children? What happened since then to think this is better? (💸)

@nat it's a fun reminder that humans will naturally guess at answers to things and naturally convince themselves that they're right. This seems particularly egregious. Evidence-based practice is all the rage in the teacher training programs I've dealt with, and it sets teachers up to incorporate new research findings throughout their career.

With this new video, I'm ready to officially bestow Michael Jackson's long-unkept mantle upon Ariana Grande.


Using the video as another dimension of storytelling that enhances the song itself, she has UPPED THE GAME.

I clapped. In my living room. Fuck y'all.

@nat I'd bet you $2 that it won't be available for purchase for 10.

Dungeons & Dragons is in the business of selling fantasy. Not the stuff with the magic and monsters -- the part where you *actually believe* that you and several other likeminded adults will be able to coordinate your schedules on a regular basis.

I can't help but be extremely skeptical, but the bs-sounding buzzword-heavy explanations appear to pass an initial sniff test.
Re-optimizing cpu architecture from the ground up has been a dream of a lot of people for a while.

The magic sauce is compiling out as much as they can, and having a tightly-coupled design between the compiler and hardware itself. I do admit, the two are sort of adversarial today.


If I had brought my Switch I'd be playing the hell out of Fortnite in this airport lounge right now

@nat probably can. I explicitly save any data i need to keep to disk. It will reload all those gigs next time I start it up. Pickles.

So is Python's memory cleanup super slow or is it just me having unrealistic expectations of freeing 4GB of ram on close


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