Welchen XMPP Server empfiehlt man jemandem denn heutzutage? Gemeint sind Hoster, nicht Software.

OH "Können wir die alertmanager autoscaling group 'warnerbrothers' nennen?"

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Any opinions on archivebox.io/ ?

I'm looking for an opensource alternative to Pocket which I can host myself.
Ideally that bookmark-archiving solution has an API, Browser extensions to add bookmarks and tags to it and a native iOS client. If there's a native macOS client for it, even better. (A website it NOT a client.)

Please don't suggest Wallabag, I'm already running an instance and it's absolutely unusable for my purposes, the UI is terribly dysfunctional and clients mostly crash.

Following up on this: I first thought to buy some used Thinkpad X1 Carbon from 2015. For around 800EUR I can get a *new* Thinkpad L380 or L390 though. So I'll probably go for that.

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🙏 Support your local indie developer and upvote my new day counter app @yonks on ProductHunt: producthunt.com/posts/yonks

Also it seems that my Macbook Air from 2011 died. I am not sure how to proceed now. I would love some Linux notebook but that will cost me way more than I want to afford right now.

So I built this keyboard yesterday. I love it. Had old keycaps from some cherry keyboard left, using them for now.

It is called zlant and is running qmk.fm

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Vor 2 Wochen Linux auf dem Rechner installiert. Ich habe es vermisst.

Auf der anderen Seite geht so viel Zeit dafür drauf. Man muss sich um Dinge kümmern, die mit macOS einfach funktioniert hätten. Naja, Hauptsache es macht Spaß.

Computer sind ein Problem.

What’s a good alternative to Arch Linux?

I have no problem using systemd, I want a rolling release cycle and always up to date packages.

Hier, ein Shortcuts Workflow zum überprüfen ob Apple Pay in Deutschland verfügbar ist.


Letzte Woche fand ich heraus dass Wolfgang Petry jetzt Pete Wolf heißt und Country-Musik auf englisch macht.

Really thinking about buying a Zlant keyboard. It's like the Planck, but staggered, which is the only reason why I have not yet bought a Planck. This seems perfect.

More about it here: geekhack.org/index.php?topic=9

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