OH "Können wir die alertmanager autoscaling group 'warnerbrothers' nennen?"

@hund oh I don't. I just wanted to try something new when I got the Thinkpad. I sent the notebook back though.

@gslr Die wirklich nennenswerten Apps findest du hier joinmastodon.org/apps

Persönlich nutze ich Toot!, die Animationen sind meist etwas viel. Mast probierte ich in der Beta aus, war solide.

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Any opinions on archivebox.io/ ?

I'm looking for an opensource alternative to Pocket which I can host myself.
Ideally that bookmark-archiving solution has an API, Browser extensions to add bookmarks and tags to it and a native iOS client. If there's a native macOS client for it, even better. (A website it NOT a client.)

Please don't suggest Wallabag, I'm already running an instance and it's absolutely unusable for my purposes, the UI is terribly dysfunctional and clients mostly crash.

@lx4r ich würde nie wieder freiwillig zum deutschen Layout zurückgehen!

toot.cafe/freedom.horse server reliability 

Following up on this: I first thought to buy some used Thinkpad X1 Carbon from 2015. For around 800EUR I can get a *new* Thinkpad L380 or L390 though. So I'll probably go for that.

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🙏 Support your local indie developer and upvote my new day counter app @yonks on ProductHunt: producthunt.com/posts/yonks

@1337core ACH SO. Ich dachte jetzt die ganze Zeit an den Arbeits_platz_. Meinen Schreibtisch, you know.

@stephen Tried debian first, I settled on Arch in the end since it’s the distribution I have been using most of the time before I bought my first Mac.

@stephen I actually had Linux running on that Air for the last months. I would not miss macOS I think.

Also it seems that my Macbook Air from 2011 died. I am not sure how to proceed now. I would love some Linux notebook but that will cost me way more than I want to afford right now.

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