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Following up on this: I first thought to buy some used Thinkpad X1 Carbon from 2015. For around 800EUR I can get a *new* Thinkpad L380 or L390 though. So I'll probably go for that.

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🙏 Support your local indie developer and upvote my new day counter app @yonks on ProductHunt:

@1337core ACH SO. Ich dachte jetzt die ganze Zeit an den Arbeits_platz_. Meinen Schreibtisch, you know.

@stephen Tried debian first, I settled on Arch in the end since it’s the distribution I have been using most of the time before I bought my first Mac.

@stephen I actually had Linux running on that Air for the last months. I would not miss macOS I think.

Also it seems that my Macbook Air from 2011 died. I am not sure how to proceed now. I would love some Linux notebook but that will cost me way more than I want to afford right now.

So I built this keyboard yesterday. I love it. Had old keycaps from some cherry keyboard left, using them for now.

It is called zlant and is running

@janj mailmate on the mac leys you write markdown if you want. i think airmail allows for that too.

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@barning Steht, wie auch am Mac, seit 2 Monaten auf Duckduckgo. Bisher stört es nicht.

@xsteadfastx tatsächlich finde ich go deutlich simpler als python. das möchte es sogar explizit sein. ich war anfangs auch skeptisch, schrieb vorher auch weitestgehend python, das legte sich dann sehr schnell.

schau dir doch mal die tour an

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