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@marrus_sh Unfortunately I can't say "we are definitely a safe space for PoC" especially because I'm white.

All I can say is I will do my best for those folks who come there, and when I'm more ready I'm going to reach out to some folks to see if they're interested in helping moderate.

@vahnj thanks for responding! i think what you are doing is valuable and i wish you luck, i just think it's better to ask these sorts of questions sooner rather than later.

@marrus_sh Thanks to you too- I really agree! I'm trying to be receptive to questions and criticisms because I want to do the best thing, not just do what I think is right.

If I'm building an environment where we can facilitate learning, I've gotta be open to learning, too.

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@marrus_sh Honestly, I can't answer for sure if it is. To me, being undocumented doesn't matter, and the dream is to set the community up in such a way that if a problem comes up, we can step in and separate the people involved and explain to them what they're doing wrong, or be more sensitive to banning them if they're being malicious.

Because we don't have good moderation tools, we have to make ourselves more available to this. I hope it can inform Masto's future tools.

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