awoo space; difficult questions 

i don't mean to keep beating a dead horse with this. i am a strong advocate of both privacy features and content warnings, and i think having a separate, depoliticized "safe-space" instance aside from the mainstream is probably a good decision. but whenever we talk about safe spaces, two questions leap to the front of my mind: (1) safe space for whom? (2) what happens when the personal becomes political? and i always worry about their answers.

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questions, cont. 

if i am a undocumented trans person of color, from a nation where being trans is a crime punishable by death, whose very existence is illegal no matter where i turn, is this a safe space for me? when what other people call "politics" is just me trying to get through my daily life? and if not, fine, but be up-front about it. don't claim to be a safe space for everyone if you can't be a safe space for refugees.

questions, final 

i am worried about the way in which boundaries can become closets, and the psychic damage of not being able to live life without always having a warning out front. many of us are queer, i think we know those stakes.

again, i agree with pretty much every decision that has been made. these are just questions.

awoo space response 

@marrus_sh We want it to be safe for queer folks and for PoC, and this does not mean by neutering the discourse but by making the moderation dedicated to being a resource that people can use if a problem occurs and needs someone to step in for help in working through a problem someone's caused.

A large problem we've seen with what's happened on Masto is that people are asked to do a lot of emotional labor to work with someone being problematic. I want to reduce that effort.

@marrus_sh Unfortunately I can't say "we are definitely a safe space for PoC" especially because I'm white.

All I can say is I will do my best for those folks who come there, and when I'm more ready I'm going to reach out to some folks to see if they're interested in helping moderate.

@vahnj thanks for responding! i think what you are doing is valuable and i wish you luck, i just think it's better to ask these sorts of questions sooner rather than later.

@marrus_sh Thanks to you too- I really agree! I'm trying to be receptive to questions and criticisms because I want to do the best thing, not just do what I think is right.

If I'm building an environment where we can facilitate learning, I've gotta be open to learning, too.


@marrus_sh I guess I've been viewing it through a different lense of like... I'm pretty mentally healthy in that regard, so I can exist on here and twitter but like... I don't have a particular place to just *be comfortable* without dealing with talk about stuff that I am already aware of and have already thought about.
Masto used to be that place but now we have all the .

@marrus_sh Honestly, I can't answer for sure if it is. To me, being undocumented doesn't matter, and the dream is to set the community up in such a way that if a problem comes up, we can step in and separate the people involved and explain to them what they're doing wrong, or be more sensitive to banning them if they're being malicious.

Because we don't have good moderation tools, we have to make ourselves more available to this. I hope it can inform Masto's future tools.

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