I've barely worked on my software projects these past three weeks. My attention has been all over the place.
With that said, some things I did do include: studying promise pipelining and hash table implementations, growing a plant, and doing a new exercise routine while simultaneously watching Star Trek: TNG.

So... useful/healthy distractions? (Star Trek IS healthy.)

Usually I wait at least three days between posting photos of this plant, but... Flowers have arrived!

My Hippeastrum 'Apple Blossom' bloomed 20 days after having its bulb planted.


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Okay I have stayed up waaayyy too late scrolling timelines and favoriting posts.
Goodnight fediverse.

I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first time in about ten years. I forgot how good it makes me feel. Like maybe there's some hope for humanity? Idk. :)

And now there are two.

I had been wondering when another stem would pop up. It has been thirteen days since I planted the Hippeastrum bulb.


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So I've been writing syntax parsers largely from scratch each time I write a macro, even though has a perfectly good library called syntax/parse ...

Why Martian, why...

I spotted this hawk behind my apartment two days ago. I'm not sure if it's a Cooper's or a sharp-shinned.

I wrote a Racket procedure last night, but was so tired that I had no idea how I did it by the time I finished. Seems to be well written though, and faster than using the corresponding built-in language constructs. Ha.

My Hippeastrum 'Apple Blossom' is growing quickly. This photo is only seven days after planting its bulb. I like the translucence.


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I started writing code for the adjacency matrix implementation of graphs, and I now find myself trying to write an array library, partly for that.

I feel like I'm going down a rabbit hole. Could be fun, if I don't waste too much time.

I'll be calling my amaryllis a Hippeastrum from now on. Here's another photo of it, glowing in the sun and having grown quite a bit already.


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Got my amaryllis planted last night. Now I just have to wait a couple months for it to grow enough to bloom. That will feel like an eternity. :)

And in other news: my Amaryllis bulb has arrived. It sat out in freezing temperatures for a while so hopefully that didn't harm it. I'll plant it today or tomorrow.
Its flowers are supposed to have apple blossom coloration.

I've started work on a new graph library for Racket. My intention is for it to be used to implement decentralized or distributed graphs, though it would be generally usable. Its complex algorithms will probably, eventually be written in another language like C or Rust for performance reasons.

The library will mostly be for my own projects, but I'll make it public on GitLab eventually. Hopefully I can write it in a somewhat timely fashion. :)

I'm going to have new neighbors across the street: six horses, a donkey, a German shepherd, and oh yeah, two humans.
Their property is rather small. Idk how those people are going to properly clean up after the horses, or give them adequate exercise. I hope they are responsible.

Strange thing to post, but oh well, I'll post about software projects eventually. :)

I felt like posting, so...
Here's a red-bellied woodpecker that I spotted behind my apartment. Contrary to their name, the best red is usually on their head.

I may get a better camera.

Also looking into some fediverse topics. I'd like to experimentally implement some things related to that.

Buying one or more Amaryllis plant bulbs. I've wanted to have one of those plants for a while. I think I'll occasionally toot photos of it as it grows, culminating in the flowers.

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