While working on the plumbing in my home yesterday, I found that the contractors who installed most of it had the waterline to my toilet so loosely tightened that I could turn it with my little finger. It was barely connected. I'm amazed that there wasn't a leak.

I keep imagining what would have happened if I had bumped it while vacuum cleaning... yikes.

Getting closer and closer to my being shipped to me! I hope either Final Fantasy or Super Mario Bros. 2 is my included bonus game, but I'll be happy for anything.

My new favorite Emacs color theme is ` srcery `. Its colors remind me of darkly lit potion shops in some video games and other media. It's easy on my eyes too.

I'm sure that seeing me geek out is completely boring, but... I got a rock tumbler! I haven't used one since I was a kid. The results can be fairly beautiful: I'll show before and after photos if things turn out well.

I wrote about 400 lines of Racket code using `syntax-case` a lot, and then realized that `match` could be used and is a lot faster. Replacement is straightforward, but... argh.

Haha, that's what I get for not exploring that option at the beginning.

There seems to be no publicly available doubly linked list library for Racket. I wonder why.

If I ever get around to finishing mine I think I will add it to the package index.

The power went out for about an hour here. I got my lantern out.

Adds a little excitement to my day when that happens. :)

I have discovered that I cannot do many physical exercises while watching a sitcom: laughing makes me really weak. For example, when I start laughing during a squat, there's no way I can get myself upright again. I get stuck. That situation makes me laugh even more of course, making it last longer.

I will now pause sitcoms during such activities.

Here are some sunflowers as seen behind my home last month. A honey bee can be easily seen visiting a sunflower in the top two photos.


I also found a nice, big patch of moss on my walk today. It's about 50 centimeters wide at its base.

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I just went for a quick stroll through the woods behind my home. I saw a lot of ferns, moss, and some nooks where mushrooms may be hiding. I also ran into a cottontail rabbit.

I think I'll make this a habit through September. I'll have to bring my camera/phone with me next time and investigate the aforementioned "nooks".

I tried to install Guix System on an old computer, but the graphical installer kept failing at the partitioning stage. I guess I'll try partitioning manually and see what happens.

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I think I am going to try out the Guix distro on one of my old computers, and find out what I think of it. It would be nice to use something other than Debian for a change.

It's Friday the 13th. It's after 11 p.m. and dark. I just finished a rather Ghostbusters-like episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Oh and there's a lightning storm. All I need is for a coywolf to start howling again in the forest behind my home, and my mini-Halloween will be complete.

Fun night.

I need to stop bookmarking websites in Firefox that I think I may look at but never really will. It's a bad habit. I have like 400+ bookmarks now.

Here are a few simple plant photos:

On the left is my Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum, or peace lily.

On the upper-right is a flower on my Maranta leuconeura, or prayer plant, which I had no idea could flower anything.

On the lower-right are some kind of wild Hieracium plants, or hawkweed, which I always called "paintbrushes" as a kid.


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