My 11 Pro work phones feels huge! 100% satisfied with the 12 Mini choice so far.

After listening to a recent ATP, I finally installed Pi-hole on my Mac Mini Server.
Having blocked ads without shady extensions is magic.

I declare Easter as my password hygiene holiday. Deleted 400 entries from my 1Password store!

My girlfriend recently got a Switch and Animal Crossing. She would love if someone comes by her island: Dodo Code L1TN0
It’s her second day only!

I finally finished rewriting my hacky Jekyll micropub endpoints in Rust. Now hosted for free on Heroku and GitHub pages.

If Apple is going to announce the ARM transition soon, maybe we can install macOS on this new iPad? 😁

Internal SwiftPM packages are a game changer for me. It‘s finally as easy as it should be to modularize an App.

Graphical depiction of ownership and borrowing in Rust - Rufflewind’s Scratchpad

Spending way too little time on writing Rust, this still is a helpful guide.

A German newspaper writing about RSS, not sure why now but spreading awareness is great!

Schnüren Sie sich Ihr persönliches Nachrichtenpaket - Berliner Morgenpost

The Tragic iPad – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

“Apple set the standard that highly complex, innovative software that was only possible on the iPad could only ever earn 5 bucks from a customer forever (updates, of course, were free).”

A new Icro iOS Testflight build is available including support for fetching a micropub access token using Indieauth. I wish there was offical Testflight for Mac support!

Don’t mind me, just testing my IndieAuth flow.

My first PR towards NetNewsWire just got merged. I love the App and the whole open-source project!

Waiting for The Incomparable Star Wars podcasts - A modern Christmas tradition

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