If you're going to #emfcamp and are on the Fediverse, give @emfcamp a follow and then @mention it in your posts about EMF. It'll reblog to everyone else following, so even if you don't follow everyone at EMF, you can still see what's going on!

anybody interested in a #emfcamp ticket ? I can't attend and want to give it on for the same price (it's a standard adult Ticket for 165 £, i paid in € and would like my money back) #emf #camp #ticket

(boosts appreciated )

Discovered that I had inadvertently been hoarding penguins - will bring to in case anybody would like one 🐧🐧🐧


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1. Toot a typo then think "if only Mastodon had an edit button"

2. Remember that it's open source, so "git clone" and explore code :-)

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"Robots and AI - the calm before the Singularity?" - come to my talk at the British Computer Society in London on 23rd Mayy -
bcs.org/content/ConWebDoc/5763 mastodon.social/media/_womdWR-

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100151 users in 229 instances

Okay, with another influx of new people, here is again my article "Welcome to Mastodon: Here is what's different and why it's better" medium.com/@Gargron/welcome-to (I am working on a better in-UI onboarding process)

Non-federated instances are a feature, not a bug

Sometimes, you just want to connect to your peers, and only your peers. Being able to do so without accidentally the world is a good thing; compare randos dropping into mentions on the bird site.

Or, better yet: imagine a neighborhood instance, where people from a certain geographical are coordinate stuff.

Different usecases, different needs to federate

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