Old habits may die hard, but tradition is tradition... my second home during ChefConf this week.

Finally at the weekend and genuinely looking forward to ChefConf next week because of all the friends I know who will be in attendance. My talk will be nerdy and technical so I’m hoping it goes over well. Until then? Gonna be a fox and rock it the best I can. 🦊🎉🍾🍸

It's been a fantastic 5 years at DNSimple, but it's time to start a new chapter in my career. May will be my last month with DNSimple. I'll be taking June off from work and focusing on some self care and personal projects I've put off for far too long. As of July I will be joining Packet Host as a Senior Software Engineer under the Product Engineering team. Pretty excited and terrified at the same time, but I think it's my next career challenge I'm up for tackling.

Time to fly! Had to jump to first class because United somehow didn’t book my original seat next to my purple half. Going to give them that feedback after the flight. Maybe nap time for me and will be working on my talk.


Had to start this trip the right way. Looking forward to some extra time in Seattle ahead of ChefConf with my purple half. It’ll likely be my last ChefConf so I’m gonna have as much fun as I can. 🍸☺️

About to talk at ChicagoRuby on the laws of computing and Ruby. Lots of lessons learned over the years on many software projects that will hopefully serve as good advice and potentially warnings to others. Wish me luck!

Finally closing out GearBlast in style with a classy drink. Made lots of folks happy and got to do a scene that left me spent and in tears (happy tears). Will be bittersweet to do tear down, but I’m proud of how far the event has come and how well I’ve grown with it. I’m still torn on what makes me happy with events like this between socializing or getting play. Life stuff clouded a bit of my headspace, but I made the best of it.

Cheers to 5 years and hopefully many more 🍻

Sticking to 6-2-1 at cons is the best option for me, especially when I staff so tonight I hope that happens. Meanwhile, copious amounts of coffee. ☺️

Made it to GearBlast yesterday and very little sleep. Same story today due to a ceiling fan being a dick at 4am. At this rate I just want a solid 6 hours of sleep to be happy.

Yay! Got to a slightly earlier flight and now boarded to head back home. Excited to be in the arms of my purple half soon.


Now stuck in ATL after trying to switch to an earlier flight. Weather in ORD is messing up everything. Couple more hours at the nearby bar should help calm the nerves. Will try to make the most of my delay and do some work on GearBlast planning.

Time to make the journey back home. First flight to Atlanta with a short layover then home sweet home. Had a short yet intense week with my team. Lots of meetings and discussions so I’m gonna sleep to recover my melted brain.


Quick lunch in ATL right before the last leg to Melbourne, FL. Still blown away that I left literal SNOW in Chicago and now worried about getting sunscreen. My life today is quite strange.


Trying to beat the incoming snow (I blame @kieran) on my way to the DNSummit in Florida.


What I'd pay for instantly is a happy medium between Slack and Discord. Slack is more or less a web-ified IRC, but their un-federated logins make it a HUGE pain to manage multiple accounts (I have 15 now). What I liked about Discord before they slowed their app down with games was the federated login with multiple servers. Adding people was easy that way and you had global direct messages so it was basically IRC on one network with multiple larger rooms (servers) and easy voice and video.

A cucktail. When you make a drink for everyone except your partner.

Learned of Joe Armstrong’s passing earlier today. I was fortunate enough to meet him a couple times at Strangeloop and Chicago Erlang. He was an intense, passionate guy that blew me away with his intellect and perspective on software. He will be sorely missed.

Happy everyone! Have a cute picture of me and @aevin1387@twitter.com at IFC last year.

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