Got to dance again on the Anthrocon livestream tonight in digi fursuit while it was 80°F and humid outside. Think I lost a few pounds via sweat alone. Worth it. 👍🦊

Does it fix eating all the chips and deep fried everything we did for the 4th? I hope so... 😭

Just started the process to establish what I think will become the first ever commercially licensed queer furry owned and operated brewery. Wish us luck! 🎉🍺🍻

Today was a big day! Went out to buy the last 2020 ninja 400 available in my area. 150 miles round trip with a $6,000 motorcycle. Then did a ride around the area and put a few miles on it. The scariest part of the whole trip was being inside with the sales folks and NOT A SINGLE PERSON WAS WEARING A MASK EXCEPT ME.

A part of working against racism is recognizing that it plays a role in all kinds of social contexts, and that just because someone is a worker, is queer, is disabled, etc., doesn't mean that they can't act in ways which harm Black people. Organizations which fight for gay acceptance can leave trans people behind. Our analysis should be more nuanced--we should consider how class, race, sexuality, gender, etc intersect--at the individual and systemic level.

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I didn’t stream last weekend and won’t this week. I’d rather amplify voices than talk right now. My right to marry my purple fox happened because queer folks stood up to police oppression and started a riot. Stay safe folks and take care of each other. ❤️🏳️‍🌈✌️

Won't be streaming this afternoon since I am playing Monday catch-up on communications from the holiday time off. Hope everyone had a good day off yesterday despite the lockdown.

Gearing up to stream some code. Need my afternoon caffeine first. Tune in to ask questions or watch me do some work on Docker and Rails today.

I'll be live streaming later this evening so I have ample time to catch up on work tasks and get organized for livestreams. See you at 6pm Central tonight! 👋

Took yesterday and Monday off work to have some mental recharge space. Also needed to assemble my new PC (first new one in 10 years) and majorly clean and organize my desk. So much happier with it now. New PC has 10 times the LEDs of my last one. Extra shiny!

Won't be streaming this week due to some work priorities taking precedence and generally needing a break.

Not going to be streaming this weekend. Have a few things on my plate to get done and give my brain a little space to relax.

Getting ready to stream today. Switching to a Tuesday-Wednesday weekday schedule because Mondays will always be Mondays. Will be working on some Docker and Ruby/Rails today.

Late start but will be streaming shortly. Going to do some more work in Hugo and hack on Docker things as well. Swing by to say hi or ask questions if you'd like.

Won't be streaming today. Going to enjoy the warm weather in Chicago and get some fresh air today. I will be streaming tomorrow night. See you then ❤️

Getting ready to stream shortly. Going to work on updating docker build process and images for a Rails app if you want to join in or ask questions.

Pushing the live stream back an hour today. Will be up and running at 3pm Central. See ya then!

Getting ready to stream in a few. Working on OpenTelemetry Ruby again and answering any questions you might have. Swing by and say hello!

Prepping to stream again. Today will be Yak Day! Going to tweak and work on my dev environment and workflow. Swing by to ask questions or get advice. I'll be going for the next 1 to 2 hours.

If you missed out on my streams and want to know when I stream go ahead and follow me on Twitch to get notified. I’ll post on here and mastodon when I stream as well. Trying to reach affiliate level so I get some more options to enhance my streams.

Going live on twitch shortly. Working on my blog/twitch stream. Also open for office hours if you have questions or want a code review.

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