One of the many reasons I love Chicago. Free concerts in the summer! Tonight is Beethoven Symphony No 1. Great acoustics and extremely talented orchestra. You can tune in to the live stream right now at

Today is my last day at Datadog and I will be leaving the tech world to start a Cidery in Chicago which you will hear about soon. Big thank you to everyone who has been part of and continues to be part of my journey. I wrote a more in-depth post at my blog

How part of my 4th went. Crowd tested two batches of strawberry cider. The first one won by a landslide which we figured beforehand. Also not pictured here is the deep fryer we used to cook over 30 pounds of food including deep fried Oreos.

Fuck I am writing one hell of a blog post and I’m hoping all the points come across. This shit is hard. Even as an experienced writer.

Feeling that itch to write again and I hope I can sustain it this time around. Always enjoy good story writing and never really spent quality time finding my voice so to speak. Hoping with more practice in the near future I can bring that mental muscle back. I have many stories to tell the world.

Had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with multiple parties and late nights with friends. Finally reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in 1 to 3 years has refilled my soul. Really looking forward to the rest of summer and my upcoming travel.

Part of learning to go pro on cider is all about yeast. There are so many characteristics to track. Both of these ciders started exactly the same, just different yeasts which processed the sugars very differently. This gives you wildly different color, aroma, flavor, and clarity.

Won’t have a Cosmo picture thanks to Covid restrictions affecting the airport so no bars are open. Excited to head back home and be with my Fox and doggos.


Even better office selfie! Headed to the airport to make my journey home.

Office selfie. So weird to be back here after over a year. Feeling slightly more normal now.

Had to visit the only and only best graffiti shop on the planet in NYC to get some supplies. Finally dabbling in spray paints as a medium. Have to drive just outside of Chicago to get them of course. At least I have a healthy set of caps to learn from now.

Times Square is returning to its original form. Crazy busy. The smell of acrid charcoal and lighter fluid from street food vendors. Someone shouting “Who wants drugs?” as they walk by. The overly aggressive discount mascots pushing for photos.

Off to NYC with this guy. Got a sidecar with my usual Cosmo so it’s a great day to fly already.


kinky things 

“Is fisting an acrobatics check or a dexterity check?”

Who called them "poppers pigs" instead of "hamyl nitrites"

Update on the Cidery is that things are still moving. Have the branding coming into focus and it is making me super excited. More work on the business plan and financials then at some point in the next few weeks we'll be launching a kickstarter. It's feeling so surreal.

Will be back on Twitch in a couple weeks. Was taking a break after my second dose and clearing off my projects at work. Have SMILE vision correction coming up next week in NYC so I have taken out my contacts for the last time and wearing glasses until it happens. See ya soon!

Reading the barometer of my twitter and facebook. I'm sensing a large storm of software dev tech folks leaving the industry or company in large numbers. The past year has pushed tech everywhere to entirely new limits at the cost of everyone's mental health.

The constant meetings. Violated boundaries upsetting work/life balance. Remote working isn't a paradise especially if you and they aren't prepared for it. Global day off? We can do better.

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