Spent my day at the Museum of Science and Industry where my dad used to take me when I was young. I made a thing! The maker space stuff is pretty cool and being a member now will make me want to go back a whole lot more. Gonna be back next week for Bit Bash which is an indie game festival hosted by them.

Ever heard of someone drunk buying a science museum membership late at night?

Me neither... 😉

Getting the full MusicBox experience tonight for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Complete with wine and an organist playing songs from 1969 which is when the film was set.

It’s been a great and productive week with work in NYC. Even did a lovely anniversary dinner with my purple fox. Im missing home and my comfy bed, so I’m excited to head back shortly.


Our welcome to New York was my purple half getting food poisoning and vomiting everywhere at 3am. Tipped the housekeeper for cleaning up what looked like a murder scene in our hotel room. Had to actually call out of work today from the lack of sleep since we didn’t actually make it back to bed til almost 6am.

That also meant calling out of the standup which I volunteered to lead. Not the best leadership foot forward, so I gotta hustle this week and make some productive gains at work.

Beautiful landing into New York today. Gorgeous views of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. Can wave to my office from here 😄👋

Have to have my traditional Cosmo before flying out to NYC for the week with my purple half. This time I get to work at my new company office in Manhattan and get some pairing time in with everyone ☺️

See everyone on the flip side, gonna drink this quickly then get to my flight.


Finally getting back to writing again on my blog. Need to do some major cleanup on the Hugo site so it publishes faster with Netlify.

New post "The Next Chapter" is live about my recent jump to Packet martinisoftware.com/post/the-n

Also today is a brew day part deux! We had a bit of an accident last week with the new setup, but lessons were learned and we are far more efficient this time and have taken new precautions. Lemon shandy time!

Note to future self, opt for the half barrel tank for better balance next time. Adding the legs so we could install the sight glass makes it way too easy to tip over. Will definitely upgrade again when we move in a couple years.

Happy everyone! Enjoying an extended weekend with my fox. Getting some more stuff done and learning more Golang with my time off. Have some cute foxes on your timeline ❤🦊

📸: @HokuloaLuau@twitter.com

Got decent sleep after Pride parade and party late into the night so I can start my first day at Packet. Starting a new chapter in my career and I’m both excited and anxious of what the future holds.

First, need coffee to really start my day. 🦊☕️

It’s been a full week in NYC but I’m seriously missing my bed at home and my extended family at our house. Thanks again for the amazing views and conversations despite all the rainy weather. Of course as we leave the weather turns absolutely perfect over the weekend. At least the upgrades to LGA make it a lot more fun to travel from these days. 👋


Since I haven’t done this in a while... current stats for this NYC trip:

Coke Dealers: 4
Weed Dealers: 7
Nice hair!: 12
Are you in a band?: 3
Go Blackhawks!: 1
Miles walked: 34

New job is based in NYC so the idea of visiting here a bit more often is totally fine with me. NYC is a crazy awesome town. I’d never live here, but experiencing it a week at a time is fine with me. Many cultures and people in this tightly packed area making for a very vibrant and beautiful experience. I can only imagine how insane this place will be next week for World Pride. I’m avoiding it out of sheer fear for how intense it’ll be.

I don’t mind eating a little badly when traveling to New York because I usually get some mileage in by exploring the city. This was just today going up and down the highline twice and Chelsea Market several times. I’m at about 15,000 steps average since Sunday.

Checking out the highline in NYC today and it’s been a few months since I last visited. They’ve been busy renovating and expanding. Such an amazing public space.

Picked a super rainy week to visit NYC. Still got to check out the natural history museum with my brother and niece today. Lots of cool exhibits and amazing layout made it a fantastic experience. Capped it off with awesome ramen and some more walking. I’m up to about 10-15 thousand steps now in NYC per day... whew!

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