Microsoft is the only capable competitor to Apple and Google for the mobile device market and we saw how the Windows Phone turned out. If they kept that focus and used .NET to their advantage you would see a very solid competitor with a great ecosystem. It's a good lesson to everyone trying to enter a competitive market. Embrace your advantages and always avoid copying your competitors advantages. You'll literally be compared to them every time, so make that advantage attractive.

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Microsoft's biggest competitor will always be Microsoft. So many products and they barely work together well especially across platforms. What Microsoft has always needed was focus. Until then they will continue to overcompensate to force you into their ideal profit model at the cost of usability and sustainability. See also: Edge, Azure, Office 365, Windows 10 license editions.

Today is brought to me by the letter C for Caffeine! Running on barely 5 hours of garbage quality sleep with 7 meetings booked today starting at 9:30am. Hopefully can sleep better tonight once everything calms down.

Heyyyy it's released! is a distributed systems learning tool: a workbench where you can write your own "distributed" systems in any language, using JSON messages via STDIN/STDOUT. Wanna write a gossip system in Perl? A transactional KV store in bash? Maelstrom will run it, show you how messages flow through the system, and verify key safety properties.

You don't know anxiety until you've had to write a business plan. A legit one. It's way more tedious than you think. Everyone who downplays it either hasn't actually written one or paid someone to do theirs professionally. Very few companies share theirs either.

Streaming some open source and docker dev work. Swing by to chill, say hi or ask for help.

Finally back on streaming this week. Working on some docker builds and optimization tricks. Swing by to hang out, ask questions, or say hi.

Also if you think Rubocop for Ruby is broken, try out PyLint sometime. I just don’t use it period because of its fairly bad detection and recommendations that you can barely find good guides for online.

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Learning Python in anger has been an interesting experience. It’s good to know Python is going through a lot of what the Ruby community has already experienced, just a bit worse in my opinion. An example is the 2.0 to 3.0 change. Also all the package/dependency management solutions. There is absolutely a solid choice with poetry. However, the community largely doesn’t talk about it and just defaults to pip and friends with deeply broken workflows. Makes me appreciate Bundler in Ruby a lot.

Over the years via many employers, conferences, and meetups I have amassed a sticker collection that isn’t even fully pictured here. I also use a backing sticker for my laptops to make it more like a canvas to paint with stickers of things I think were cool at the time or supported directly. Once I change laptops the backing sticker preserves everything like a chapter in a book. Framed the previous ones that will go up on the wall in the future home office as memories and art.

Taking this week off streaming due to some technical issues with my setup that I hope to fix soon. Also a little slammed at work with some catching up to do.

Streaming some work on my local dev environment plus some docker builds. Swing by to say hello or ask questions.

I think I should put some more effort into interviewing the owners of these smaller shops. I really want to understand at what point they felt it was time to chase that dream even if it could potentially cost them everything. When is it worth it?

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The irony is that proving ground won't be in technology either. At least I can use those skills to drastically stack the deck in my favor and perhaps drive change in an industry that has been largely resistant to that change. Perhaps I can still make it a positive change but not in the way I was originally thinking. 🤔

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I feel like my technology goals died when I made such a big bet on a giant lie at another company. Sacrificed a steady thing for a lie and now I am trying an alternative path that isn't everything I wanted at this stage in my career. I'm somewhat content, but that pain of years of work to prove myself worthy of leadership only to have it be a pile of bullshit hurts petty bad. I'd rather just strike it out on my own, driven by the pain and anger to prove everyone wrong.

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Still lining things up for the next major chapter in my life. That unsettling doubt is creeping in alongside friends and family telling me it's not worth it. Do I swallow my pride and stick to technology while burying this dream for at least another 5 or 10 years? Or commit to this now while I still have youth on my side. Closing the door on tech now means a significantly higher difficulty to return later because ageism is very much still a thing.

Streaming again. Think I am settling in to a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule now. Swing by to say hello while I cleanup and organize my dev environment.

Getting back into streaming after a very long break. Swing by to say hello or ask questions. Working on open source stuff as usual.

That community is what kept me in programming and what almost got me deeply into the games industry. Still a path in my life I wonder if I should have taken more seriously.

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I do miss the kind of golden age of game modding back in the days of Warcraft, Half-Life, and Battlefield in the late 90s and early 2000s. So many major titles came from that model and I miss hacking on servers for those. Now it's walled gardens via greedy service providers and it makes me sad.

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