Heading back to Chicago before my trip to Atlanta this weekend for @FurryWeekend@twitter.com. Will be my last furry con for a little while since I’ll be too busy with life and work very soon. Having my traditional Cosmo before the packed flight. The staff here already recognized me at the gate and United club. Think I’ve been flying a lot lately… 😆


Wait they serve foxes here too? At the huge and fancy @united lounge before flying back to Chicago. Birthday cruise is over and I have to go back to cold weather again. At least I get a Cosmo. 😉


It’s time to disconnect for the week. Birthday is on the 7th so I’m cruising into my 37th birthday this time with Fox and Dragon aboard the NCL Bliss. I’ll see y’all on the flip side! 👋

Heading off to LA for the first time since we had to rebook our cruise out of Orlando. The ship ran aground a few weeks ago and is still under repair so we had to scramble to rebook a few days ago. Excited to disconnect for a week and check out the west coast of Mexico. Gonna enjoy some more cosmos since our flight got delayed ironically because of storms in Orlando today.


Finally have some closure to the job search and landed somewhere with a cool team. Waiting on the written offer to hit my inbox. In the mean time, off to the airport for our re-booked cruise for my birthday next week.

This has been one heck of a couple weeks with lots of bad news so I am finally excited to disconnect for a bit and enjoy my birthday while working on my tan.

So this is how my birthday vacation starts… ok! Flying to Chicago for a little bit before heading down to Orlando for a cruise next week for my birthday. Need to disconnect from the world for a little bit. It’s been a rough few weeks.


Are they making you code for free? State an hourly. If they balk, it's best to run to avoid taking psychic damage for having to write an LRU Cache, Linked List, or BubbleSort for the n^10th time since the dawn of the computer age. Tell them why you are leaving the process too.

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How organized is HR/Recruiting? Are they treating you like a human or are they starving you of information and empathy? Make them repeat the notes from your interactions to make sure you are both on the same page or you'll both be wasting mountains of time.

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Ask how they feel about technical debt. It's more than just the code the devs write and it's not a bad phrase to say. If they don't believe it exists or downplay it hard then RUN. Denial is a hell of a drug with many side affects not recommended by your doctor.

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Being through as much mental trauma as I have in my tech career and unpacking it with various therapists has trained me to detect smells in an org as I go through the interview process. Turned down several jobs with major leadership issues already. It's scary out there y'all.

Tired: Job Boards
Wired: Job Boards with salary ranges
Inspired: Job boards with a “misery” slider for interviews like hipmunk has for flights

Martini ❤️ Times Square. Hello from the brightest spot in New York! Gimme a hug and I’ll keep ya warm on the cold New York night amongst all the lights. ❤️

Crossed off a big bucket list photo I’ve wanted to get since I started visiting this city.

My other job these days is project management for getting hired. I don't want to admit the amount of times I have been ghosted by employers, even in the middle of their interview process. So my second job now is to chase them down to see if they are still interested. 🤷‍♂️

So this whole tech is having trouble hiring thing? I have some ideas why it's not working out for them and how to fix that.

Trying to plan for one major life change at a time. Life it seems, has different plans. 😒

Got so much going on and my planning has been tripped up by early or late execution. Story of my life. Also why I’ll have a full head of white or gray hair by 40. Anxiety levels are climbing.

Time to head back to Chicago on a morning flight this time so I’m home for dinner with Aevin.

Got to check out the Amex lounge at SEA with Michael at least and get some noms before the flight. Was a great weekend overall in Seattle. Looking forward to moving here soon.


Off to Denver to see my dragon boyfriend for an extended weekend. Today was a great day to fly. Maybe a dozen or so in the @twitter.com@united lounge. Weird that they took away glassware. At least I got my traditional Cosmo. 🍸👍🦊


Matrix Spoilers 

Saw the new matrix movie yesterday and in general it’s better than the previous two movies. They make some fun of the situation and continue to break that 4th wall of reality bending. Later into the story it gets predictable and converting agent smith into a macguffin was a bit of lazy writing to keep the door open for more watered down sequels. Overall it’s a decent action film, but it’s a xerox copy of the previous movies that lost more than a few details.

“2021 in a nutshell” (2021)
[Digital Photography - Digital Media]

Fighting that feeling of defeat now that I am feverishly applying for jobs in tech again. I at least know what I am getting into and setting some pretty darn clear boundaries ahead of time. Some of those boundaries have already cost me opportunities. I'd rather consider those as red flag detections and saving myself a year of headache.

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