If you ever want to experience what it feels like to be in an inverse heteronormative world check out furry sometime. Furries giggle at the “straight” minority in the fandom. Some wear the “straight” identity as a badge of honor while most are assumed to be queer to some degree.

Picked up the rebuilt engine and carbs today for my motorcycle. Lost a layer of skin on my thumb from the motor mount when we dropped it off so I think my literal blood sacrifice should help it get running again. Also banged my knee really hard so I’m drinking our hard cider to kill the pain. mastodon.social/media/SaNGR5vR

Happy folks! Have a picture of me suiting in the lobby on Monday after MFF. Such an intense experience every year for that con, but I’m happiest as this fluffy guy. 🦊🍸😊 mastodon.social/media/SzjVNsle

Time for day 2 of PGConf downtown! Melted my brain yesterday between lack of sleep and learning about multi-master replication. Looking forward to all the talks and meeting folks.

Yes, the @tootapp IOS client rotates images properly and is 50% off right now. For $2, it’s a steal!

Before leaving Midwest FurFest 2018 I had to end my con the way it started. At Red Bar with a Citron Cosmo.

I had a pretty great time. Giving life to a new programming track is a feather in my cap I’ll always be proud of, but now I need some sleep.

Until next year fuzzy friends 🦊❤️

Migrated to Hugo from Jekyll and Github Pages to Netlify. Why in the hell did I not do this sooner? Super smooth and quick for me and I am diggin' the dark, high-contrast theme I built. A bit 80s retro. Still needs some work and cleanup, but it's also my first ever run with css grid as well. martinisoftware.com/

Learning to play guitar with an app lately. It is definitely challenging me even when I’ve played string instruments in the past. Hopefully I’ll get over the numbness in my fingers soon. 😢

Might seem weird, but I am just not that excited about Halloween anymore. If anything just taking comfort in the fact it’s the day before candy goes on sale so I can get it for an obnoxious discount to clear the way for Christmas bullshit to show up.

Enjoying the final days of fall in Chicago with a pretty nice view for lunch at the river walk. One of the many reasons I love this city. Tons of investment in public/pedestrian parks and amenities that gives you options to enjoy the city not from a car.

It’s chili season. Making my own variation on a Texas Style beef chili with Ancho and Pasilla Chilis. Couple tweaks and a bottle of Wisconsin’s finest beer should make this legendary. 👌🤘

This is how I react when I delete a chunk of code that has been the bane of my job for the last 4.5 years. 🍾

Goodbye ‘deploy_revision’ I will never miss you.

I’m about to write some Chef code in anger. Wish me luck!

(I promise to write a post about this and maybe a screencast if it is successful)

About to do some livecoding with re-factoring a Chef cookbook into something more modern before donating to Sous-Chefs. Live now for the next hour: twitch.tv/martinisoft

Landed back home in Chicago! My goodness it’s chilly here too like Seattle. Guess Fall has really arrived.

Time to head back home. It’s been a slice Seattle! I’ll be back again next year for sure ❤️


Have to end my trip the proper way in the lounge. Catching up on more podcasts and relaxing with a cocktail. 👌🍸

Time to start the journey back home. Has been a fun couple of weeks in Seattle, but I’m majorly missing home now. Looking forward to my own bed with a special Purple Fox in it. Also craving a nice glass of Scotch for some reason.

All done with the @chef Community Summit in Seattle. Very different vibe than years past with the recent community changes. Still enjoyed myself and learned a lot. Not exactly bad, just different and a new reality adjustment. Interested to see how ChefConf goes next year.

Visited the Connections Museum finally after wanting to go for years. Spent a couple hours on the top floor with the early switching systems and meeting the amazing folks who maintain them. Then checked out the next floor for the more modern tech. Highly recommend this place. 👍

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