Pre-Covid me was traveling the world getting a charge out of meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, closing down bars on the weekends at 6am.

Covid me is cleaning the house constantly and rescheduling bygone vacations, going to bed by or before midnight on weekends.

Still had a craving for oysters. Luckily mignonette lasts for a while so I grabbed a half dozen Kumamoto (west coast) and half dozen Blue Points (east coast) to enjoy. Really not bad for the price and more shucking practice.

Maybe some day when I’ve got a bunch of free time I can write that thing I wish I had for managing infra and config with legit API support abstractions. All the other ones out there repeat the same bad patterns in their own way and lack composition to encourage reusable and testable code. Chef was close once upon a time and actually cared about attempting to test patterns, then they chased the money and all was lost.

No, Terraform is not the answer. Really, it’s not.

Like riding a bike that you fall off of a few times. Been about 28 years since I shucked an oyster. Still got it 👍

On the left are Blue Point Oysters (my jam) from the east coast and next to them with barnacles are Penn Cove Oysters from the west coast.

Made a Prosecco mignonette as well. Was delicious!

Today was tough. Memorials over zoom are hard. Being queer in this world means you are more likely to know someone who has taken their own life. I can count that number on two hands.

Remember that you are not alone and it gets better. ❤️

Getting ready to stream some HELM and Kubernetes. Swing by to say hi, ask questions, and chat.

Streaming again after a bit of a break. Swing by to say hello while I work on some open source.

Fired up Cyberpunk 2077 finally only so I could test the hex edit I did on the executable to patch a bad CPU family check that prevents the game from using all the cores on my shiny new AMD processor which caps the performance of the game.

Computers are so awesome!

Damn! The brewing and distilling space has really not caught up with technology at all.

Time to go to work on some new software and hardware because some of these “solutions” are hot garbage.

Livestreaming some k8s, containers, etc. Swing by to ask questions or get some programming help.

Been a while, but I am gonna do a short stream tonight to get back into things. Let's talk HELM & k8s & more. Swing by to say hi or ask for dev help.

Finally doing some streaming tonight. Had major issues with this new mobile setup since I will be doing soldering tonight on the stream and trying not to burn myself or my house down. Swing by to chat, ask questions, or get career advice.

Hey, question for Indigenous people (feel free to boost!):

How do you feel about the use of the adjective "primitive" to refer to technology? In particular, programming languages and databases often have a notion of a "primitive data type" ( I'd like to figure out if I should use an alternative term for this in technical writing. If so: what should it be?

No matter how hard I try other IDEs, still end up back in VIM. Just can’t escape the modal editor world.

Going live in a few on Twitch. Will be working on some HELM chart and Docker builds/versioning today. Swing by to chill, ask for advice or code reviews live on air. See ya soon!

Won't be streaming tonight, but will be this week. Been enjoying some time off and organizing a few things in my life. Don't forget about self care folks. Bubble baths are awesome and so is a delicious mug of tea. Celebrate those little things in life everyday. ❤️

Going to stream Docker builds and some Ruby/Rails starting in a few minutes. Swing by to chat, share code, or ask for help.

Tune in at

Going to be streaming shortly for the next couple of hours. Every Sunday stream is more chill and I like to hack on my environment and update plugins, tooling, etc. Swing by to say hello, ask questions, or get advice.

🎉 duf v0.5.0 is out, the user-friendly 'df' alternative!

🌟 Support for path arguments to limit output to specific devices
🌟 Added --only flag to show only specific device groups
🌟 Better handling for Docker overlays
🌟 ...many other small improvements!

Get it here:

"There's been some recent discussion about whether the X server is abandonware. As the person arguably most responsible for its care and feeding over the last 15 years or so, I feel like I have something to say about that."

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