Time to make the last leg of the journey for the week with my team! Looking forward to good times and good food.


It’s been a little while since I’ve flown international so my jet lag adjustment skills are a little rusty. 5 hours plus power naps. Should be good by tonight after the last flight to Lanzarote today.

Time to fly! Next leg to Madrid, but in style and I’ll hopefully get some sleep.


Beginning the next leg of my journey tonight. Burned a lot of miles and got an upgrade to United Polaris for the trip to Madrid. This gets you access to their Polaris lounge which is ridiculous. Everything in here is complimentary, you have comfy chairs and “pods” to shack up in while you wait. Also a restaurant and top shelf bar that is entirely free. Individual gender-neutral bathrooms too with mini suites that have showers. I’d fly a lot more often if this is how I could roll.

Made it to NYC! Super cold, but the party I’m going to with purple fox will be warm. Looking forward to relaxing a couple days before the next flight.

Time to fly! Leg one of the epic trip. Heading to NYC with my purple fox for his company party then it’s off to Madrid next on Sunday.


Excited to head back home after a short stay in NYC for New Years. Looking forward to my own bed and a good nights sleep along with a fresh start into 2019.


Walking out near Times Square after the ball drop last night was surreal. So much trash piled up everywhere. They at least had a small army of sanitation people sweeping up what they could and clearing the streets. Won’t be back again for New Years, but it was fun to do once and check that off my bucket list. 👍🎆

Happy New Year! Looking forward to figuring out the next few years and moving forward with personal projects. 2018 was good and bad for me. Hoping for a stronger start in 2019 and sustained happiness especially once I pay off my debts in the next few months.

Cheers everyone! To a better you every year 🍾❤️🎆

Pre-flight cocktails are my requirement when traveling. Always need a Cosmo before takeoff to calm my nerves and relax. Excited to check off New Years in New York at Times Square from my bucket list with @aevin1387@twitter.com

Time to fly!


So long and thanks for all the fish Chef. It's been a fantastic 7 years, but it's time for me to move on. martinisoftware.com/post/hangi

Finally getting that writing bug where I have a backlog of ideas, thoughts in my head, and here I am staring at a blinking cursor and wondering what the hell I am gonna type exactly. Think it's time to get back to my grammar and comprehension books to sharpen my writing skills.

Finally made the post about the switch. Here's to many more toots in my future. Also gave my blog a facelift and learned a ton about css-grid in the process. Enjoy the high-contrast 80's restro theme :D


Ooph. Worked a kitchen last night til 3am and today I’m just a zombie. Having my comfort food and walking around to clear my head. Gonna take it easy tonight and get back to writing again. It’s time to ditch Twitter and get back to reviving my blog.

If you ever want to experience what it feels like to be in an inverse heteronormative world check out furry sometime. Furries giggle at the “straight” minority in the fandom. Some wear the “straight” identity as a badge of honor while most are assumed to be queer to some degree.

Picked up the rebuilt engine and carbs today for my motorcycle. Lost a layer of skin on my thumb from the motor mount when we dropped it off so I think my literal blood sacrifice should help it get running again. Also banged my knee really hard so I’m drinking our hard cider to kill the pain. mastodon.social/media/SaNGR5vR

Happy folks! Have a picture of me suiting in the lobby on Monday after MFF. Such an intense experience every year for that con, but I’m happiest as this fluffy guy. 🦊🍸😊 mastodon.social/media/SzjVNsle

Time for day 2 of PGConf downtown! Melted my brain yesterday between lack of sleep and learning about multi-master replication. Looking forward to all the talks and meeting folks.

Yes, the @tootapp IOS client rotates images properly and is 50% off right now. For $2, it’s a steal!

Before leaving Midwest FurFest 2018 I had to end my con the way it started. At Red Bar with a Citron Cosmo.

I had a pretty great time. Giving life to a new programming track is a feather in my cap I’ll always be proud of, but now I need some sleep.

Until next year fuzzy friends 🦊❤️

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