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Welcome back to another episode of #ZeldaStarringZelda! Zelda has just grabbed the first pendant and today she's going to go out and really explore Hyrule in earnest.

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a d v e r t i z e
y o u r
v i d e o g a m e
w a r e z
w i t h
s t i c k e r s
o n
c i t y
w a l l s

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m a k e
a r t g a m e s
t r a d i t i o n a l
g a m e s
e v e r y t h i n g
i n b e t w e e n

Also can someone give me a tip on a simple way to record the gameplay? I recorded this with vlc, and I have two problems:
1. it doesn't record my game in fullscreen (I can do without, if there's a way to crop) and 2. no sound.
Also the video is choppy. So it's still massively shitty, but still better than recording with my phone.

Working on the combat screen. Depending on the ground you walk on it changes the tiles, there'a a bit of randomization, have a couple enemies in the works etc.
Then I started on moving the cursor around with the analog stick, testing and tweaking so it's smooth and nice and intuitive. What I thought is going to be trivial I've spent 3 days on.
I think I'm finally done. I hope it feels ok otherwise idk what I'm doing.

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