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Enjoying* the passive question-as-request-or-statement format for everything from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

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Cookies don't contain many vitamins. That's why you need to eat a lot of them 🍪

Oh shit, not the supposed suppression of Christ dying, but the suppression of fact that the state did it

Why does this season annoy me so much? Not sure. Perhaps because it has been so trivialized

Happy 'anniversary ' to the state crucifing someone who opposed said state. How history repeats. Not fucking Trump you chodes

And ignoring the cunze who beat the hell out people to make them feel better

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"What happened to your face?" - "Something stupid" Pure theatre

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Just watching old movies and getting emotional

I am not their target audience and I haven't been for a long time

I hope everyone feels the same or we are doomed

Understanding is when you find the outtakes of a mainstream program are funnier than what was left in

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Rhythmbox threw up some oldschool Offspring, so that's kicked off my music for today and I'm enjoying the energy tbh

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I'm a clip
I'm a weirdo
what the hell am I doing here
I don't belong here

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@grumpy @kai I was going to say narrated by Morgan Freeman, but yours is better.

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gonna retoot this here because.

pranking homeopaths by briefly dipping a fifty dollar bill into a glass of water, and paying them with the water.

Trying to work out how to record it, but my workstation has decided to to a Defender scan, and the vibrations of the raid disk sounds very metal

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