A collection of crystal props for Aftertile
check out patreon.com/lostalloy for exclusive development participation

The cover is available for purchase at softhugs.bandcamp.com/merch/et
heavy couche satin paper printed and sent specially for you

with my handwriting on the envelope ✨

tiny sprites of a miner witch for a cute shooter half-designed for a jam I never got to participate

If you want to support Aftertile but doesn't want a monthly commitment like Patreon, you can just buy me a coffee (that I'll probably use to drink tea <3)


is on mastodon too?
I'm maruki and for 2.5 years I've been developing Aftertile, a game about ghosts with floppy hands, soft hugs and spiritual togetherness. Before that I was an English teacher that had been given up art for +-7 years

AMIGOS DO MASTODON! PRECISO DE SUA AJUDA! Esta gatinha foi atropelada e abandonada aqui do lado. No momento estamos juntando fundos pra fazer a cirurgia dela para reparar a para da frente que foi fraturada. Qualquer ajuda é bem vinda! retoot pfv

Link da campanha: vaka.me/ltyx87

sorry if I keep spamming, but we are so close to hitting the goal for a new shrine maiden!!! 🎋

The Creation of Tea 🍵
an ▮Aftertile▮ official piece

in celebration to Soft Hugs's first EP release 🎶
retoot to have a chance to receive the softest pixel art sticker set via snail mail 🐌💌📫
featuring Soft Hugs ✌️ cat for scale

If you become a patron at htto://patreon.com/lostalloy you can:

✨ receive exclusive sketches every month
✨become a ghost in the game
✨be a shrine maiden in the game
✨make me happy and help me feed my nekos

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