Hello new friends ✨I'm maruki and I'm making ▮Aftertile▮, an action-adventure about a ghost who helps other ghosts
in my patreon you can help the project, get exclusive wips, sketches and even become a character in the game

ISHI 💎 Eternal Companion it's an existential pet rock sim and it's my first solo submission for a game jam
Play it here: maruki.itch.io/ishi (careful if you're feeling down, game's kinda heavy)

not feeling too confident about this one

become our patreon and support us in this ✨🌸 wonderful soft journey 🌸✨ developing this soothing game

Today I'm releasing YumemiSushi, a surreal text-based about a dreamy sushi-making service. It's my first game as a solo dev.
Play it at maruki.itch.io/yumemisushi

snippet of "Earth"
music video I made for Ben Tibbetts and Emily Kaplan's musical performance of "Earth", by Takatsugu Muramatsu

a super fun cute and spooky logo I made for TONSIL TERROR, a mouth-perspective horror game, by @adampi
play it for FREE on papercookies.itch.io/tonsil-te
Happy Halloween!!

feat. maruki
4 *kinda original* colors
4 maruki colors

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