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@Efi it's the top part of a heart
but if it were boobs I'd be okay with it

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Hello new friends ✨I'm maruki and I'm making ▮Aftertile▮, an action-adventure about a ghost who helps other ghosts
in my patreon you can help the project, get exclusive wips, sketches and even become a character in the game

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the human being is just a very complicated type of clock

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Hey people! If you enjoy my work, consider contributing to my Ko-Fi!

You’ll get sneak peeks of Wander pages, concept art, and more!
Your support will help finance building Wander’s website, and upgrading my tools!

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Here was pink dogs from a month ago that I like

been a bit more tired than usual lately

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delicious apples, painted by amanda almira newton, 1905

people like my games and I'm happy about that
thank you

these are an essential part of my latest game, ISHI, a bite-size pet rock simulator and you can play it here

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Hey, I'm Mandy Jacek!

I make games by day, and art by night.
I'm an associate technical artist working at EA Motive. I'm working on my first webcomic, Wander, about a tiny magic robot on an adventure to recover his memories and find his lost friend.

Thanks for stopping by! ✨

@AesAthena thanks! I try to make my pieces as loyal as you can get with a twist
I'm happy to know they work out the way I intended <3

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