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good morning
happy coffee!

@megfault thanks! I wish I had eyebrows like that

Soft Hugs, the softest all-shrine maidens band 🎀🌸

ghost-whisperer ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°

@dvn it's aseprite (and thank you <3)

this shrine maiden's name is Hatsuko and she's half shrine maiden, half carp

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Twitter: r2d2c3poacco

@qwyrdo managed to grab one produced here in my country \o\
pretty happy for the local production

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#words alone

only one
human's facet

voice sound
color shifts

perceptions again

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@amphetamine does holding your nose works? because man
yesterday I managed it pure, today not even with mayo and soy sauce D:

how do you natto?

no, really.

@Mopsitravels oh, I don't think I have used any yellow on these. The yellow is there because it's the same palette from another crystal that features a shimenawa (sacred rope)

just so you know
I made her. She's real
Will post her soon <3

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a honeydew melon
printer cartridges
oyster noises