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1. Your mind is great at finding reasons for decisions you've already made (Ben Franklin's Gambit, via John Kay).

2. When a scientist finds something that's too far from accepted, they look for "problems" in their methods, and as soon as the deviation becomes tolerable, *they stop looking* (Feynman on Millikan oil drop experiment).

3. The unconscious mind is really good at making decisions & the conscious mind has evolved to be very good at explaining random things in the world (Aaron Brown).

working massively from Hindu references

making a point
cereal + albumin does not taste good

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I love the idea of flying pigs, but when we look at the largest birds that ever flew, they are nowhere near the weight of pigs nowadays.

In other words, either flying pigs would need membrane type wings (nightmarish isn't it?) or they would be simply smaller...

This is a tat disappointing 🤔

woke up to a message from my programmer
"fixed the bug"

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