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Just translating Mastodon on Hindi, I want it to be in common Hindi so everyone can understand (not hardcore Hindi).

I might need your help guys..

is the hashtag I'll be using for next couple of days

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Unlike apps on mastodon web the local and federated timeline gets updated every second, automatically. You just go and watch, it's interesting what people are tooting in and out your instance. 😀

“Mastodon Social, the social media platform which has gained popularity in India recently, on November 14 suspended an account of the Assam Police reportedly citing that “cops are not welcome”.


Wake up, Go to office, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, oh fuck my deliverables are pending, miss the food, work late night, go home, sleep.


Teen launde kabhi dost nahi ho sakte. Wo kisi future start-up ke co-founders hote hai.

I'm still thinking why the hell my doctor told me to quit smoking ASAP and reduce caffeine and alcohol in diet.

Doctor I'll kill you if anything happens to me.


It's good to see that you have updated the target languages in the Mastodon project @Gargron but still I can't see two major Indian languages, Gujarati and Punjabi.

Please do update...

The only fear of mine here is "Sensitive Content — click to view"

Dude I always think that, it'll not be that sensitive. My luck always :'D

Can anyone brief me with what is happening in Maharashtra?

Had chest pain for 4 days, went to a 5 star hotel cum hospital and found out it's not the heart who giving you pain but your brain.

Doubt makes people die, doctor said.

Feel free to use cross-posting in a way that helps Mastodon grow, i.e. copying posts from Mastodon to Twitter, but please avoid doing it the other way around, see our rules on that matter:

Thank you for understanding!

25k people joined one instance of in a week. The number could be more than 50k for whole .

401,877 accounts
+111 in the last hour
+2,706 in the last day
+24,661 in the last week

Very importantly, what would you like to call 'Direct message' ?

What would you like to call 'Mark media as sensitive' ?

A. मीडिया को संवेदनशील के रूप में चिन्हित करें
B. मीडिया को 'अप्रसन्न करने वाला' के रूप में चिन्हित करें
C. मीडिया को 'जल्द नाराज़ करने वाला' के रूप में चिन्हित करें

What would you like to call 'Mute' in Hindi?

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