*trying to impress a bunch of history buffs*

Heh, yeah, me too. I love stuff that happened.

Mutant Standard 0.4.0 is finally here!

- Fonts beta!
- An updated look with hundreds of emoji designs improved
- Lots of new emoji
- Text description data for the visually impaired
- Smaller files!

Demo: mutant.tech/demo

Download: mutant.tech/download

Donate: mutant.tech/donate

More info: blog.mutant.tech/index.php/201

#emoji #furry #queer #fonts

I took the bird site off of my phone and every time i go back i immediately remember why i left. it's good to be gone :)

You're at TJ Maxx to buy some cheap kitchen stuff. You're alone. The soundtrack coming over the tinny, bass-reduced speakers seems to know just how alone you are

Please boost!

Do you live in the NY/NJ area?

Are you interested in the basics of unionizing? Organizing your workplace? Or helping others to organize their workplaces?

The Central New Jersey IWW is holding an OT101 (Organizer Training 101) in a few weeks in New Brunswick. You can get there from NYC via NJ Transit.

Free of charge, registration required.

No cops, no bosses, no scabs— so DM me for details if you’re interested!

#IWW #OT101 #solidarity #solidarityforever #theunionmakesusstrong

me: I'm just glad I finally have a word for it - "parasocial friendship." It's weird to feel like you know someone, like you *really* know someone, and to feel like they should know you too, and then to realize they wouldn't recognize you on the street. It's really just you taking what pieces they give you about themselves, then filling in the rest with your own personality Jurassic Park style to make a really fleshed-out imaginary friend.

Twitch streamer: haha yeah that's a long comment

Marie Kondo: does this item bring you joy
me: does it bring me what

sorry I zoned out there for a second, I just remembered the study that shows that office productivity goes significantly up upon the switch to a 32 hour a week, 4 day workweek and that the leaders of our economy have ignored this because managers care about control more than they do actual productivity

urinetown is a popular musical for colleges to produce because it parodies musical theatre storytelling conventions. the actual plot of it is very fascist and Malthusian propaganda. to the point where the final line of the play is all the characters shouting "hail mathus!"

damnit after a whole year on this damn site i still keep clicking on the mh tags expecting great monster hunter content.

going super saiyan must feel like when you pee after holding it in too long

cultural marxism 

fishing up a curriculum for people who want to learn to organize their workplace, anyone got any questions

hello it me: Mastodon's answer to the stereotypical Big Twitter Account.

i said 2-3 funny things a very, very long time ago, and now absolutely nobody is quite sure why i have followers.

i welcome everyone new to this platform, and urge them not to disrupt the tenuous power dynamic i rely on for validation like a dumb-dumb!

😝 *mouth fart noises*
✊ *jerk-off gestures*
💻 *subtoots mercilessly*

tumblr's good dude. they have good memes and they're better at them than most of the twitter people. they're weird yea but ppl on twitter have been using the word diaper as a punchline for 10 years now

had a dream that i lived in an apartment in the mall.
im the new mark fischer

no idea how this guy expects to say "I don't trust humanity to set and enforce taboos against things which are demonstrably harmful, so the only thing we can do is keep everyone on earth under surveillance for doing something we don't know what it is yet" and be taken seriously

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