Sufficiently poor magic is indistinguishable from technology

I'm thinking about the usefulness of the terms "sealioning" and "milkshake duck". Maybe we need a catchy, animal-themed verb for "complaining about being silenced while speaking from a national or international platform to which only a select few have access".


Well, the good news is he probably won't steal my amazing joke about diogenes.

it's not exactly a "perk" but being over 30 means you and your friends get to compare weird new noises that your joints make now when you get together

everybody watch out for donald trump's parachute account here

Stop Calling It Lucy With The Footbal!!!! Find Another Joke!!!!

why is the terraria art for today's steam promotion so unbelievably horny

Very soon I hope to ask Mastodon what Linux distro I should use

Genuinely surprised by Roy Cooper going ahead with a 30 day stay at home ahead of everyone else. Feels weird for nc to be handling this better than most states.

Amazing how bad birdsite is right now. I go from 0 to panic in like 20 minutes on there rn

going to be at home for a while now b/c of the roni virus and twitter is a depression pit so i guess im back to mastodon. hello mastofam

depression level: made slow cooker adobo at midnight to have a reason to wake up in the morning

mental illness 

i think birdsite literally gave me depression

*trying to impress a bunch of history buffs*

Heh, yeah, me too. I love stuff that happened.

Mutant Standard 0.4.0 is finally here!

- Fonts beta!
- An updated look with hundreds of emoji designs improved
- Lots of new emoji
- Text description data for the visually impaired
- Smaller files!




More info:

#emoji #furry #queer #fonts

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