if something bad happens to you and your family in these end times, then hurry up and visit my website, and you can reach me there. and here is the link.

we all moved to the new generation social network, that is " MeWe "
and for muslim, hijrah from fb to socialnetwork " Labayk " now !!!

for All , all Revolution , user, and civil society which and & fandom also all pro . people and community. add & follow my account.

Twitter die. Goodbye twitter

all netizen & many civil society do migrattion from twitter.

Twitter is only dominated by media that are the henchmen of the NWO & global elites, who manipulate the news in order to legalize the interests of the mafia, tyranny & globalists. Likewise the buzzer in it is just a slanderer & pro puppet regime, wrongdoer & dictator. , they're paid dogs & they're just sissy & cowardly, reporters.


This socialnetwork is like a mobile storefront that moves like a super sonic, so it's a waste of time just staring at the columns here. cause the text is running so fast, it is futile to seriously observe this on social media. there are no ideas,initiations, & movements in this community to unite to create change,
move away from this beast system which is controlled by globalists, where we will be eliminated one by one, for those who are not subject to this global tyrannical power.


yaa you can create something big, a meaningful change. Is it not a big dream that can be realized, because it starts from a small idea that is done seriously and with strong determination and conviction. toko.tech/ we must make our own bridges to our way of life.


on the new social network, you can host there. and create various works. and you can easily influence others with your ideas.

@SONICMAN69 btw u want be operator forever on mastodon... this app very weakness.


sonic man..hello my friend, move now to sites toko.tech. and this link toko.tech/ and invite all your friends, your relatives, family to join there. dnt forget find my name there. "maskugatiger " and add me. we beautiful life now its begin.

getting out of the ww3 warfare as the NWO made Trump its puppet, to realize this agenda, now we are entering another option from the NWO agenda, namely making Biden as a puppet to realize global depopulation and control the world community, with a virus weapon and a toxic vaccine. so that they submit.

@SONICMAN69 weel good bye, i must surfing again to other network, couse i am cyber walker u know. and ...leader ..too.

@SONICMAN69 because that guidance will help us solve all the problems of life, and keep us from doing evil and evilness.
also keep us from astray so that we are saved in the hereafter. and secure a place in heaven.

people can say themselves or someone's words are wise, but actually the measure of that wisdom is where someone can put and separate between right and wrong. and the measure to place to the right decision, only by following God's rules and orders, not from following the will of human lust.
because the balance of truth has been given by God to the prophets, therefore we must follow how God's commands and instructions are brought by the prophets.

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