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How Identity Politics works...

A: "We need to protest for higher wages!"

B:"Wait a minute, I'm Gay and oppressed. We have to fight for Gay rights first!"

C:"Bollocks! You're a white gay male. I'm a brown one so I'm more oppressed"

D:"FUCK U BOTH! I'm a lesbian sleeping with a black woman, im most oppressed"

A:"GUYS! This is about wages...please...focus"

B,C,D: "Oh my God, a straight white male is oppressing us with economic reductionism!"

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Q: What do you call a Brahmin who supports Hindutva and votes BJP?

A: A Hindu Terrorist sympathiser.

Q: What do you call a Dalit Bahujan Adivasi does the same?

A: A Hindu Terrorist sympathiser.

Q: What about if they dont support Hindutva but voted for Modi?

A: Hindu Terrorist sympathisers.

...Be very clear about who the enemy is. DON'T LET LIBERAL IDENTITY POLITICS DIVIDE THE LEFT...

Because it certainly doesn't divide the Right Wing

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India is really incredible!

Students are called Anti National and beaten up for asking affordable education.

Farmers are beaten up for asking compensation for their land.

Terror accused are sitting in parliament and running the govt.

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Modi’s new citizenship law will rip open the wounds of Partition

This is a systematic legal design for the persecution of just one religious minority in India, Muslims.

Hindus come in, Muslims get out. That is the message of CAB and NRC via @DilliDurAst

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Some news clippings of the talk in Patna yesterday at Patna College. Patna University has been a source and starting point of so many democratic struggles in our country. Privileged to speak & interact there.

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An opinion writer, who had no empathy for 100s of deaths due to demonetization and continued peddling us snake oil, doesn't deserve my empathy.

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I like to clarify why we don’t have a verification system like the #birdsite with the blue thingy next to your name.

On the #fediverse or at least #Mastodon we all are equal. No person is ‘higher in ranks’ or better than everyone else, our point is exactly the opposite. We want equality right?

We have plenty of methods to prove who you are on other platforms, we don’t need a badge for that 😉 Ofcourse you can use it however you like but this would be the reason, I’ll hope you’ll understand

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The issues plaguing birdsite India isn't a bug, it's by design. Their entire business model is dependent upon giving maximum reach for terrible takes on divisive issues and profiting off of the subsequent moral outrage.

Capitalism didn't give you internet. Much of what you see in internet came from volunteer labour of open source projects.

Capitalism gave you paywalls and hundred spam mails a day and sites you can't open because a thousand ads are covering the entire content.

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Centralised power structures are always going to be simpler to manage and use. Platforms like Facebook, Insta and twitter are designed to control your attention. So all of us are habituated to certain ways of using social media as opposed to others. Taking back the control of our attention and employing it in places that doesn't tell you where or what to look at, is going to be hard. But it's neccesary. This is going to require persistence, willingness to learn and adapt.

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After 3 year delay, Modi govt has releases farmer suicide data.

In 2016, total 11,379 farmers died by suicide in India.

Govt released this report one day before .

Now no one will discuss it, Wah Modi Ji Wah!!

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Trending Hate Against Muslims: Is Twitter Complicit?

Twitter claimed that it had ‘prevented’ the Hashtag while it had not.

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Let's get something clear...

The exodus from Twitter is not because of Trolls. Those were easily handled. The problem was that Twitter was being paid by the Govt to turn a blind eye to the radicalisation of the Majority community.

The exodus is not in fear but in disgust.

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Read this quickly before it gets pulled down by Home Ministry!

Rakesh Asthana case: Polygraph report says bribe claim appears truthful


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India needs strong institutions, not strongmen. Strongmen weaken strong institutions. Weak institutions make the country weak. Weak institutions are against peace, against ‘national security’ and ‘national interest’. Weak institutions are anti-national.

Such a brilliant piece by @dushyant on Mumbai Mirror.

Hey @stux Which app would you recommend me to access Mastodon through from an iPhone?

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@naukarshah It's heartwrenching. Sanjiv Bhatt could've become a Vanzara or a Governor. Instead he looked Modi in the eye & stood for the weak. And said "Not on my watch". I'm glad for all the Rakesh Ashthanas/Sunil Auroras we,ve a Sanjiv Bhatt. Please initiate a ground movement & we all are with you.

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Listening to Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt ma'am. It is so painful and embarassing at the same time. We didn't stand up for him. I am not talking about running a hashtag. But supporting him on the streets. No bail since 14 months.

Hey @stux, how many active users do you have here on Mastodon?

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