Just so everyone knows, I have moved here to @MOTT from my old account at @masterofthetiger. Follow me here instead.

I like the Iridium Browser. It brings the good parts of Chrome to the privacy minded individual. I personally use IceCat mostly, but Iridium is my second choice.

I am working on building ungoogled chromium for myself now. I hear it is better.

Why do less people pay attention to my Mastodon toots then my Diaspora* posts?

I can’t believe the extent of ’s walled gardens. I can’t figure out how to search for music on their site. They want you to use the app.

I just made a new website. Its not very good, but it is 100% original. mtiger.tk/

I just installed IceCat to replace Firefox. Firefox has a lot of spyware built into it...

Building a new website for myself... now I am linking it to Mastodon.

Downloading Ubuntu 18.04 server to set up my LAMP stack in Virtual Box.

@masterofthetiger GNOME Boxes is great if you don't need a lot of features. Virtual Machine Manager is my GOTO for anything more advanced.

Sometimes I hate some things about Linux. Sometimes is comiling dependencies that are unavailable otherwise.

But the wise will shinelike the brightness of the heavenly expanse.And those bringing many to righteousness will be like the stars forever and ever. 12:3

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