I am trying out the new single column interface on mastodon.social

Time for me to ditch my mastodon.social account entirely I believe. I don't see much reason to keep it, seeing that I now have @masterofthetiger and @MOTT. But there are some conversations I have on here, so I won't delete this account. But I won't log in regularly at all.

2019, where you get labeled "transphobic" for saying you shouldn't have to question your gender. I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore since I have my own instance set up now.

Just so everyone knows, I have moved here to @MOTT from my old account at @masterofthetiger. Follow me here instead.

I like the Iridium Browser. It brings the good parts of Chrome to the privacy minded individual. I personally use IceCat mostly, but Iridium is my second choice.

I am working on building ungoogled chromium for myself now. I hear it is better.

Why do less people pay attention to my Mastodon toots then my Diaspora* posts?

I can’t believe the extent of ’s walled gardens. I can’t figure out how to search for music on their site. They want you to use the app.

I just made a new website. Its not very good, but it is 100% original. mtiger.tk/

I just installed IceCat to replace Firefox. Firefox has a lot of spyware built into it...

Building a new website for myself... now I am linking it to Mastodon.

Downloading Ubuntu 18.04 server to set up my LAMP stack in Virtual Box.

@masterofthetiger GNOME Boxes is great if you don't need a lot of features. Virtual Machine Manager is my GOTO for anything more advanced.

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