Using instances powered by genuine Mastodon software helps to ensure your data isn't sold to the highest bidder and your CPU isn't burned to mine bitcoin.

@mastodongenuineadvantage are there instances federating with other instances that DON'T run on the same software?

@MapleDeer there are many servers on the fediverse, but we concentrate on ensuring Mastodon instances are running genuine Mastodon software. ^nzq

@MapleDeer @mastodongenuineadvantage i think this was mostly a joke but also yeah the specifications for how instances communicate can be followed by other software just fine (eg. pleroma, pixelfed, peertube, etc)

@Vann @MapleDeer

honestly I got completely wasted one night and made a GIMP of this image, and then was like, haha let's make an account for it. it's covered in the bio.

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