@314 @Wolf480pl we only specialize in genuine Mastodon software, but there's a great multitude of applications available for the Mastodon Network! download one today, just search for "Mastodon" in your app store. ^zxq

@Vann @MapleDeer

honestly I got completely wasted one night and made a GIMP of this image, and then was like, haha let's make an account for it. it's covered in the bio.

@MapleDeer there are many servers on the fediverse, but we concentrate on ensuring Mastodon instances are running genuine Mastodon software. ^nzq


let it be known that:


is running Genuine Mastodon Software.

Do you have questions about why using genuine Mastodon software is important? Operators are standing by in DM. And, as they say, it always goes down in the DM.

FACT: Genuine Mastodon software is the only path toward an elephant-themed social networking experience guaranteed to be free of ads, malware and tracking. Ask for genuine Mastodon software today.

re: Joke, shitpost, etc. 

@kaniini @multiplexd

It's a shame that you're operating non-genuine Mastodon software! We would like to help fix this, so that you'll be running genuine Mastodon software. Would you like to talk in DM? ^zzq

Operators are standing by to help you determine if your instance is running genuine Mastodon software or not. Don't live in doubt, find out today. Choose instances running genuine Mastodon software.

It's Halloween so it's a spooky day, but you know what's even spookier? Not using genuine Mastodon software. Avoid ads and tracking. Use only genuine Mastodon software.

@kellerfuchs we understand there are Mastodon alternatives out there. some may be good, others may be bad, but all we care about is genuine Mastodon. ^eq

@falgn0n we are absolutely serious. serious about advocating the advantages of genuine Mastodon! ^qvc

We've received disturbing reports that people are receiving phone calls asking if their Mastodon is genuine.

Be aware that the Mastodon Genuine Advantage center will never call you. Like, we don't even have a phone to do that with.

The one we posted a week ago was a stock photo.

@LaH sounds like there's no problem other than your instance being non-genuine. ^zxs

One common theme amongst non-genuine Mastodon instances is to combine the platform with an Initial Coin Offering scam.

A notable example of this approach was Hiveway, you can read about that here: medium.com/we-distribute/hivew

Avoid scams. Prefer genuine Mastodon software.

@LaH well that is fine but you should look for other problems with non-genuine Mastodon servers, like ads and bitcoin mining. Using genuine Mastodon servers can avoid these hazards. ^nq

@LaH well, we'd like to convince you to run genuine Mastodon! hit us back if you're interested!! ^sq

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