I will be starting the installation of the Mastodon patch for all instances hosted in soon.

Instances will go down one by one for a couple of minutes. This process it take several hours.

Details on the patch:

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Upgrade finished! All instances hosted by are now on
:mastodon: v2.4.4

Let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks

@mastohost I noticed a blip, and we were back near instantly. Nice work! :D

@mastohost i can’t wait until 2.5.0 comes out. @Gargron says it’s coming soon.

@ramsey yep, 2.5.0 looks like it will bring some goodies ;)

@mastohost This is probably very basic question, but can I see from somewhere in web UI what version my instance is currently running?

@toni @mastohost I believe it’s shown in the footer on /about.

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