Did you know that is currently under testing the ability to add custom CSS via the Administration interface

If all goes well, soon you will be able to customize your instance design even if you don't have access to the server or you don't want to mess with SCSS🤞

Big thanks to @Gargron

@mastohost @Gargron I can't see it in the issue but is this custom just for public pages like /about or the entire instance (the main feed of toots, for example)?

This is going to be great for those of who run our own instances, should be able to use my custom CSS with no extra work 🙌

// @dan @joesteel @forgottentowel

@rmlewisuk @joesteel @forgottentowel Nice. If it’s up to me, the stretchable columns, collapsed notifications, and colorized DMs and Mentions should be added immediately.

@dan @joesteel @forgottentowel I'm going to open an issue to get a class added to mentions so they can be targeted with CSS properly (take out the nth-child bit and you'll see the problem)

@mastohost Wowowow this is awesome! I'm gonna take my instance back to the MySpace years. 😂

@jemus42 won't affect me much tbh besides being able to deploy changes without doing a whole asset precompile. big for server owners who haven't gotten knee deep in the codebase tho!

@chr yeah I guess modifications like on cybre would be a lot easier and possibly without having to maintain a separate fork

@jemus42 style mods, yeah. we also maintain a couple features and content mods that will still require the fork, plus i'm an old dragon set in my ways and may not even use the new system :P

@luka this was requested to me over and over to find a way to do it via, I didn't want to fork the Mastodon repo and do my own version to include this. Much better it can now come to all.

@mastohost yes yes I was requesting this too and I totally get it and yes now this could be awesome :)

@mastohost wouldn't this already be possible with greasemonkey tampermonkey etc. if people want local CSS changes?

@stib yes to individual users but if the admin of an instance wanted to style the instance for everyone the only way would be to do change to the code of Mastodon

@stib this will not be available for individual users but to admins

@mastohost @Gargron I would worry about that leading to lockin on the document stucture of the HTML. Do you know how new UI enhancements would go out without breaking customized CSS?

@mastohost @Gargron I guess it works because you control what version of mastodon you are on and can test your own instance?

@ffracture @Gargron from what I see in the code the custom CSS is loaded in the header after all other CSS.

@mastohost @Gargron My concern would be that when anyone starts writing custom CSS, they may use CSS selectors which break when new versions of the Mastodon UI come out that have changes in the output HTML.

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