I know it's Saturday and you are all getting ready to go party :P but I would like to ask you to do this before you

It's not mandatory and nothing will happen if you don't but I think you should *wink wink*

This will hopefully be the last time I ask you to play with DNS settings.

@mastohost Just made the changes, although I was a bit surprised I had to remove the IPv6 address. Not to wait for it to propagate and test it.

@mastohost Yeah. I'm not going to fool with the CName records right now though. I'll just use the other two A record addresses explained above and revisit things if I have problems.

@jackwilliambell Yep, IPv6 is a cool to have but everything will work well without it.

@jackwilliambell I just looked and your changes look perfect from my end. Thank you so much!

@mastohost Looks like I already have this as my DNS records :-)

@adam did you change them recently? I still see the old settings.

@mastohost Not sure what happened, but they look in order now.

@adam I still see one of them as the old one but it will work fine this way. Thanks :)

@mastohost sorry I do not understand to whom this call applies. I have "mijn.masto,host" but in the settings (logged in as Administraor) I don't see any DNS setting options. I guess this is meant for another type of user or? I assume you already arranged the correct settings for end-users like me ;-)

@zandbelt Yep, you are correct and thank you for looking.

Instances using subdomains are already on the new settings, I have changed them yesterday :)

@mastohost Not at home atm, have just my phone with me. Will change the settings when I'm at home :-)

@mastohost Seems to be working. My TTL is an hour though so I'll see if it still works later today. Lol.

@david It looks good. You are using so you are ok, the TTL can be as long as you like. Thanks a lot

@johnmars @computers I can see already the propagation starting, it looks good. Thanks :)

@mastohost Have you considered setting up a mailing list for everyone who hosts with you, so you can blast this sort of info to their inboxes?

@ramsey I thought about it but I hate to email people unless is strictly necessary.

If it was mandatory to do this, I would email but as it's optional, I just announce it here and contact the 'big offenders' to ask to do it :)

@mastohost Gotcha. That sounds good. I live in email, but I know some people who hate it. 😁

@mastohost Done. Btw if you manage the dns settings in Fastmail it should be (without a . at the end).

@eric yea, so DNS settings are different from others, it's a real pain to explain.

Thanks for the info.

I had a look to your settings and it looks good. Thanks for changing them :)

@mawr Thanks and thanks :)

I had a look and it's already propagating with the new settings. Looking good. Thanks

@AndrewLewman I can’t really complain, they have been good to me but yes they already should have portable IPv6. Well and a lot of other things but that is one of them :) still, I have doubts I could run offering plans at the prices I do if OVH didn’t exist and their support in Portugal has been helping me a lot.

If your DNS allows for CNAME or ANAME or ALIAS in root, then use that instead of A records and you get IPv6. Or just leave the old one AAAA record.

@mastohost I agree OVH is cost efficient, as is Hetzner. Glad they're helpful.

@AndrewLewman I haven’t used Hetzner much but I need vRack support and when I looked I couldn’t find it on Hetzner but Hetzner has even better prices in some products and from my limited experience works well.

@andy looks like it is propagating correctly, thanks :)

@mastohost Quick question for you: Is there an easy way to change the colors on our instance or do I need to get the mastodon git, change the css, and email it to you for install? Thanks!

@msjen Currently on shared hosting customization is not possible, only on dedicated hosting.

But read this:

Let me know if you have any questions

@mastohost Thanks, Hugo, do let us know when that feature is added to the shared hosted version of It would be most excellent.

@msjen I will share here when v2.5.0 is out. That feature should come then.

@steve yep, your DNS settings look good. Thanks a lot :)

@mastohost I'm using Google Domains and I'm unable to add two A records, is something wrong or should I just add one?

@glcls do they allow you to set a CNAME, ANAME or ALIAS as ?

@mastohost Of those only CNAME is supported, but not for the root domain / @.

@glcls OK, let's keep it simple, can you please add just one A record and add this one:

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