I know it's Saturday and you are all getting ready to go party :P but I would like to ask you to do this before you masto.host/changing-your-insta

It's not mandatory and nothing will happen if you don't but I think you should *wink wink*

This will hopefully be the last time I ask you to play with DNS settings.


@AndrewLewman I can’t really complain, they have been good to me but yes they already should have portable IPv6. Well and a lot of other things but that is one of them :) still, I have doubts I could run Masto.host offering plans at the prices I do if OVH didn’t exist and their support in Portugal has been helping me a lot.

If your DNS allows for CNAME or ANAME or ALIAS in root, then use that instead of A records and you get IPv6. Or just leave the old one AAAA record.

@mastohost I agree OVH is cost efficient, as is Hetzner. Glad they're helpful.

@AndrewLewman I haven’t used Hetzner much but I need vRack support and when I looked I couldn’t find it on Hetzner but Hetzner has even better prices in some products and from my limited experience works well.

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