I will be starting the upgrade of all hosted instances to v2.4.5 now.

You should expect your instance to go down for a couple of minutes in the next hours.


Any issues or questions let me know. Thanks 🐘

All hosted instances have been upgraded to v2.4.5 🎉

Any issues let me know

@mastohost Thanks! I’ve just updated the DNS for my domain, too.

@mastohost Congrats! I just tried to upgrade to 2.4.5 and nearly destroyed it. Docker didn't seem to be able to find rake anymore 😟

@hugh That's strange. 2.4.5 was pretty smooth on my end, what version were you on before?

@mastohost I accidentally installed an rc version: 2.4.0rc3 I rolled back so we’re still on it. I’m not exactly an expert at this stuff so it’s possible I misconfigured something.

@hugh that makes more sense. Probably you can do a step by step to v2.4.0 just to be safe.
Meaning from 2.4.0rc3 to 2.4.0rc4, then check and if all good move to 2.4.0rc5 and check again to finally upgrade to 2.4.0. If all is good there, you should be able to upgrade to 2.4.5 (probably still need to go 2.4.1 because of a migration issue but that should be smooth).

Still, I can't really be sure because you rolled back and do DB could be messed up.

Do backups before you start again :P

@mastohost yep, sorry that's what I meant by 'rollback' - I just went to the backup and pretended like nothing had happened :) Thanks for the advice- makes sense to step through it.

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