I had to block some external instances on shared hosting.

Here is why and how that can be reverted:

This was a tricky decision but couldn't think of a better solution.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know.

For instances that cannot upgrade from v2.3.x, they could try and apply the hotfix that @nolan created: months ago and that was reported here:

@parkgaedae your instance is ok but can't get federation from the listed instances

@mastohost has an email contact on their about/more page:

@frankiesaxx Thanks :) I have and will continue to try to contact the admins one by one.

@frankiesaxx yep, combined with their profiles not even responding when trying to load them via :|

Hopefully people will keep boosting and it will get sorted. I assume they aren't blocked from so they should see the boost. I did @ the Japanese and French instances in case they don't pay much attention to English

haha hope they get it sorted. I guess might have some issues scheduling an upgrade, they're massive

@mastohost I'm trying to read the about (just for pure curiosity) but it seems I can't connect to the host; Firefox complains about connection timing out.

Is the server overloaded or am I behind some blocked IP? (I don't run any instances, so I'm not sure what's going on...)

@juliobiason could you send me the link you are trying to access so I can have a look?

@mastohost "

it's being resolved to
[13:18:23] julio.biason@dts-bhs-ovh007s:~$ host has address

DuckDuckGo says my IP is
Your IP address is in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

@juliobiason somehow your IP was in CSF on the server where I host, could you please check it is working now.

@juliobiason awesome, I had played with rules of CSF because these last days was sending a lot of login attempts and somehow think I blocked the all requests coming from Brazil to that server :P

Sorry about that, it has nothing to do with the block being discussed, different servers, different situation.

@mastohost Hey, don't worry. Those things happen.

And our internet providers (Claro is a mobile one) aren't the greatest about security and "being a good internet citizen".

@mastohost, that’s a tough position to be in, but it seems like the right decision was made. Have you heard of this affecting other servers? Does the bug affect you more because you’re running multiple instances or is that irrelevant?

@iiogama It's not because I am hosting multiple instances.
The same will happen for single server hosting.
The specifics of why and when it happens, I am not sure. I know it has to do with pinned toots.

@mastohost Is the bug tracked somewhere on the Mastodon project? If the maintainer(s) know about it, maybe they could help with a fix for 2.4.x boxes.

Even if the fix is to auto-reject requests from old instances that could cause this bug, at least then you wouldn't have to manually keep checking if they've upgraded yet.

@glcls I don't know if I should open an issue on GitHub for an issue that I don't know what causes it and how to reproduce it, I just know that it has something to do with accounts with pinned toots being followed from instances running older versions of Mastodon.

What do you think? Should there be an issue opened for this?

@glcls OK, it looks like this has already been reported and Nolan has even made a hotfix for it:

@mastohost It looks like the issue you're running into is the same one I experienced on on v2.3.3 a couple months ago.

I had a hotfix that seemed to work; maybe you can ask instance admins on v2.3.3 who can't upgrade to apply the hotfix?

@nolan This is awesome, thanks.

It really looks the same thing, pinned toots are my main point of reference in this bug. I will send it to the admins that already responded :) as always, great work, Nolan

@mastohost you are wonderful!! thanks for being such a caring superadmin

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