I will be starting the upgrade to :mastodon: v2.6.3 for all instances hosted in

You should expect under a minute of downtime sometime during the next hours.


The upgrade has finished but with a twist, what was supposed to be an upgrade to v2.6.3 ended up being an upgrade to v2.6.4 :)

Version 2.6.4 was just a small fix that was introduced a couple of hours ago when I was getting ready to start the upgrade. So, I decided to wait and do the move straight to 2.6.4

All instances have been upgraded. Any issues, please let me know.

And Mastodon 2.6.4 will be soon available. It removes the dependency to event-stream.

It sounds this backdoor is more related to cryptocurrency. But I guess it's an important release for Mastodon.


"released this 2 hours ago · 96 commits to master since this release" - WOW!!!

@eloisa @mastohost that is deceiving, the 96 commits were already made before the release was made.

That is trying and failing to say, that there are 96 commits that were not included in that release.

@mastohost We also just updated to v2.6.4. Did you also had problems with Sidekiq in v2.6.2, and jobs pilling up?

@suporte yep, a couple of instances I host had issues with that.

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