👋So, it's upgrade day and I will be starting the upgrade to v2.7.0 for all instance hosted in now.

To avoid long waits during database upgrade there will be 2 downtimes of under 30 seconds. Meaning, your instance will go down and come back up and after some minutes (depending on instance size) the same will happen and the upgrade finished.

You can read the blog post with the highlights of v2.7.0 here:

Any issues, please let me know.

And it's done! All instances hosted by are now running v2.7.0

Any issues, please let me know.


@mastohost 9 horas a fazer updates? Isso são bué updates 😃

@mastohost Ouch! Mas fora essa situação passar do v2.6.5 pa v2.7.0 foi sem issues?

@maryjane Sim, pacifico.

O 'SKIP_POST_DEPLOYMENT_MIGRATIONS' ajudou a reduzir o downtime e de resto, it was smooth :)

hi, see the new welcome email here from, when gmail has disabled the image it show really messed up, all previous email were always showing correctly.

@filippodb Well, you need to report that with Mastodon dev team. I don't develop Mastodon and can't really help with that. Sorry.

no prob, just reporting the only issue I had today after the upgrade.

@mastohost only issue was I was asked to do the tutorial just now. Pretty strange.

@russell that is a new tutorial introduced in v2.7.0 and every account was presented it after upgrade. So, that is ok and to be expected :)

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