I will be starting to install the update to v2.7.4 for all instances hosted in

There should be less than 30 seconds of downtime.

V2.7.4 changelog:

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And it's done! All hosted instances are no running v2.7.4

If you run into any issues please let me know.

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My instance is slow, after updating to v 2.7.4.
Others seem to be in the same state.

Do you know the situation?

@fujii_yuji I am getting some reports of problems.

I reverted your instance to v2.7.3 could you please let me know if that fixed it?


I feel that the situation has not been corrected.
Specifically, the display of toot is slow, it takes a lot of time to post.

@fujii_yuji Ok, so I reverted back to v2.7.4 and removed the CDN.

Could you please test it again?


Just to be sure, I tried reloading after 15 minutes passed.

Even now, loading is late and posting takes time.

@fujii_yuji I can't understand what is going on. Only a small amount of instances are affected and there is nothing different between them.

I will continue to investigate, sorry about the trouble

@fujii_yuji Do you have a VPN you can test access via a different location?

Something like


Hit !!
It became better if I changed the location to Europe.

@fujii_yuji So, there is some sort of limitation happening for some locations.

Whre are you located at?

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