Service degradation notice:

Currently users from some locations are experience a slowdown in access and usage of instances hosted in

This is happening because one of the most important POP of OVH network is down.

OVH is the company that hosts all servers for and they are working on the problem:

I will continue updating this thread as I have more information.

Really sorry about the trouble this is causing.

To be clear, all instances are working normally it's the network access to the OVH data centers that is affected as traffic that was passing on the POP that is down is over loading the alternative routes.

Some users will not be affected at all (in Europe everyone should be able to access without a problem) but other locations can experience the slowdown.

Until the issue is solved the only work around is to use a VPN with the location set to Europe.

OVH is still working on repairing the fiber cable but there is progress on the network and some locations are back to normal.

Still no ETA for the issue to be fully resolved.

The problem with users from certain locations experiencing slowness in access and usage is now solved.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

@mastohost - Just to let you know that my instance is functioning as expected without and lagging.

@mastohost I can comfirmed that i am not having any problems with my instances.

@mastohost I didn’t experience any issues with my instance but I appreciate the updates!

@mastohost also, any updates on the Pixelfed hosting? I volunteer as tribute. 😜

@Hau I have no short term plans to offer hosting for any other platform.
Maybe in the future 🤔

@Hau If you are still looking for a pixelfed host, I host a few fedi things (pixelfed, peertube, etc..). Let me know if you are interested.

@mastohost Thank you for your diligence in getting this resolved. @kev and I and the rest of the community here at #Fosstodon very much appreciate it.

The problem has been resolved.
Thank you for your help.


Thanks for the update :)

I will continue to use my VPN for the time being. Glad to know this is not an issue on your end :)

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