I will be starting the upgrade to v2.8.0 for all instances hosted in Masto.host

There should be under 1 minute of downtime.

v2.8.0 brings a lot of changes, you can read about it here: blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/04/

Or the changelog: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/


Upgrade to v2.8.0 for all instances hosted in Masto.host finished!

Let me know if you run into any issues.

@mastohost Thanks for the quick and smooth update. Is it possible to add tooot.im to the list at keybase? Is there anything we need to do to enable it?
cc. @I @abgd

@yair there is nothing I need to do on my end. I already see other users on instances I host linking their accounts to Keybase but I haven’t tested it myself, not sure what you need to do.

@I @abgd

@yair also in here blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/04/ it mentions that the rollout is gradual: “Keybase is slowly rolling this feature out on their side, and it will eventually be available to all Mastodon servers.”
Só, I am not sure how you can test if your instance is already available. Sorry for not being much help maybe try discourse.joinmastodon.org/ to find more help

@I @abgd

@yair @mastohost @abgd they did update the instructions, it's now open to all mastodons (and in a way, any random site). you need to create a json file in the web directory and then give them an web API call to let them know it is there:

@I I don't think we're missing any of these. afaik, that was the point of the m2.8 feature. What we are missing is letting keybase know we exist and interested. I contacted Alex Gessner (xgess at kebase.io) and asked to be added to their list. @mastohost @abgd

@mastohost @I @abgd Heard back from @xgess . Tooot.im to be included in the next batch of mastodon sites enabled on keybase. 😃

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