@mundauf Siehst du mich? Wenn ich den Zettelkasten nutzen möchte, brauch ich auch eine Anmeldung auf deinem Server, richtig? Weil ins Archiv geht nur, was dort geschrieben wird, richtig? Okay. Durchsuchen geht auch von qoto aus, richtig? @hansnoed @mundauf Glückwunsch zur eigenen Instanz! Jetzt aber los ...

@freemo Can you tell us how this usually works? Does one instance by default store the toots of other instances its users are connected with or does the information that is stored on the instances server only keep their own toots?
@pemoe @mundauf

@sozialwelten The server will store and retain the posts from other servers both for the ability to search them and for cacheing purposes.

Many servers purge old posts, #QOTO does not (thus the large size) so we can ensure very fast performance and good search capabilities on old posts.

@pemoe @mundauf

@mastohost What is the standard setting on masto.host for storing toots from instances the hosted instance users are connected with?

The toots of the instances own users are permanently stored in all cases I would assume?

We are trying to figure out how well toots of coworking users across instances are being archived.

Thank you!

@pemoe @mundauf

@sozialwelten What you are asking is not a Masto.host setting but a Mastodon setting.

The way Mastodon works toots from remote users that federate with an instance get their toots copied to that instance.

@pemoe @mundauf

@mastohost Thank you for your reply. Sorry for bothering you, just out of curiosity: How does the Mastodon instance/server-software make sure the disc space on its server does not run out? Are there server side protocols within the mastodon software in order prevent such an event or does a server admin have to free up disc space manually by deleting old stuff? @pemoe @mundauf


@sozialwelten It's up to the server admin to make sure they have free disk space.
@pemoe @mundauf

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