I have made some changes to the terms of service.

You can read about what changed here:

You can read the full terms of service here:

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

@mastohost Heartily approve, we remain a very happy customer, thank you!

@kyzh it came a time that leaving the terms with only limiting to "illegal" was not enough.
Thanks :)

@mundauf most of those groups call themselves what they are and will not sign up for the service after reading that.

That is my main goal with these changes.

Other cases I will have to make a judgment call.

In the case I ask someone to leave, they will be given a full backup, so they can move to another service and unless they are something really over the top (and in that case there is no doubt on my end) I will not suspend out of the blue.

@mastohost So you would not suspend over an advice from someone else on the network?

@mundauf I do rely in people reporting instances that they think are problematic as I can’t keep up with what everyone is doing.

Still, a report doesn’t equate to a suspension.

@mastohost Looks great! If you want to save a bullet point: National socialism and Nazism are synonymous.

@jonne I know, there are redundant bullet points but I opted to be clear :) thanks

@mastohost Being extra clear that those people aren't welcome doesn't hurt!

@mastohost thank you so much for this. you run a great service and i'm happy to be a part of it.

@extinct glad you enjoy it and thank you for the support. It's great having you :)

@mastohost Was my Twitter tweet automatically shared with Mastodon, but was it rejected?

@mastohost When I tried again after a while, my Twitter tweets were automatically shared successfully.
I'm sorry.

@kc_tmn No problem. Everything is working as expected, right?

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