Mastodon v3.0.0 is out 🎉

There are a lot of new features, changes and fixes. You can read it all here:

I will be starting the upgrade for every instance on and expect that during the upgrade there will be around a minute of downtime.


And it's finished!

Everyone hosted on is now running v3.0.0 😅

There is still an issue that is breaking the new audio player waveform but I will be working on fixing that tomorrow. The audio player works but it just doesn't display the new pretty audio wave.

Any other issues, please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

I will be performing a reload that will cause a ~15 second downtime to fix the audio player waveform issue. Sorry about that.

OK, problem solved. The audio player waveform should be working for everyone.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Thanks 🐘

@mastohost job well done, came back here after bit of an absense but everything seems to run smoothly!

@mastohost Many thanks and huge appreciation as always! Diolch yn fawr iawn 👍 😃

@mastohost Any way to provide a download link as well as play the audio file? In a perfect world you could just right click and choose save as like an image.

@jackwilliambell the native Mastodon audio player allows you to play the audio locally but there is no one click download of the audio file.
Maybe it’s something you can suggest to the Mastodon development team here: or on GitHub

@mastohost is it normal that the waveform shows up only after you press play?

@luka great question, at least I don't get any errors in console or logs, so I assume it is normal. I can't test on right now because Wasabi is acting up and media is not working.

@luka BTW, the waveform shows in previews on some locations, if you go to the URL in a blank tab it works there.

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