I will be starting the update of Mastodon servers hosted in Masto.host to v3.0.1

This will cause a ~15 second downtime.

This new version brings some fixes and adds the ability to auto-approve trending hashtags.

You can read the release notes here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/


The update is finished! Every Mastodon server hosted on Masto.host is now running v3.0.1

Any issues please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

@mastohost have you considered running other fediverse types, such as PixelFed or Matrix?

@me I have considered it but it’s not something I plan for a near future. I have other priorities/plans for Masto.host and have limited time to dedicate to it as this is a side project.

@me Hi Mark, I host pixelfed instances. I'd be happy to host one for you, or I could recommend other hosts that also host pixelfed.
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