I will be starting a test run of a paid add-on for Mastodon "Full-text search" on the servers I host.

You can read about it here:

Any questions, please let me know.

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@mastohost take my money, I want it for now! 👍

@filippodb ok, I will "take your money" :)

I will email you in a minute with the details

@filippodb I know, check your email. You got a couple of emails from me :)

@mastohost it works and it's pretty fast on most search query. It slow down a bit of very popular keyword.
I found that it can't show results on "juve" keyword, it says search is not active!

@filippodb that's strange but do other popular keywords return any results? are they slower?

@filippodb also, full-text search should only returns the results for:

search posts the user made
search posts the user has favourited
search posts in threads the user was mentioned
search posts in direct messages to the user

do you have that many posts where you mention juve?

@mastohost infact now it returns my latest post and your post with "juve".

and seems I don't have anymore errors "text search not available"

so everything is running fine now.


@mastohost woah, 3€ per elastic instance is not that much!

@charlag I tried my best to make it affordable but Elastic requires a significant amount of resources. Still not 100% sure of the pricing but in a couple of months I will know if I messed up :)

@mastohost someone was making a patchset to search directly in DB but I have no idea if it was ever merged

@charlag never saw it on the release logs but I am not sure how well PostgreSQL plays with full text search. Still for now it looks like it Elastic is the way Mastodon dev is going with.

@mastohost @charlag pleroma has search in postgres, and it works, by some definition of working. fwiw


Will you respect the setting that allows users to prevent search engines from indexing their posts?

Put another way, if I said I didn't want a search engine reading my toots, I don't want your search tool to read them, either.

@seachanged Well, full text search is not a search engine. It doesn't go to external Mastodon servers searching for posts.

It will only search posts that have federated with that server.

This is exactly the same as what is happening on the server you are using right now

I think that was your question, if not I am sorry and please explain.

@mastohost Although I'd love to have it for the occasional search for an old toot of mine that I vaguely remember, the cost-benefit ratio is pretty small. So I'll skip full-text search for now since it is otherwise useless to me.

@mastohost One feature I'd love to have? Search for a date range. That would be at least as useful to me and wouldn't require any external resources. I guess I'll be adding another feature request when github starts loading for me again.

@jackwilliambell yep, totally understand.

As for search by date range, that sounds like something doable.

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