I will be starting a test run of a paid add-on for Mastodon "Full-text search" on the servers I host.

You can read about it here: masto.host/full-text-search-ad

Any questions, please let me know.


Will you respect the setting that allows users to prevent search engines from indexing their posts?

Put another way, if I said I didn't want a search engine reading my toots, I don't want your search tool to read them, either.


@seachanged Well, full text search is not a search engine. It doesn't go to external Mastodon servers searching for posts.

It will only search posts that have federated with that server.

This is exactly the same as what is happening on the server you are using right now Mastodon.social.

I think that was your question, if not I am sorry and please explain.

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