Youtube is not playing nice with oEmbed discovery and is captcha/blocking some of my servers from getting oEmbed links. So, some instances were not presenting the video preview card for YouTube.

As a temporary solution I will be applying this fix

A restart of the services is required and a ~10 second downtime is to be expected in the next hour.

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OK, patch is installed and YouTube video preview cards should be working :)

Any issues please let me know. Thanks 🐘

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BTW: the missing YouTube video preview cards that are older than 15 days will automatically be fetched. So, if you have posts with missing preview cards from YouTube videos just wait some days and they will start to show up.

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@mastohost Thanks man, I was wondering what was up. I assumed it was me being an idiot. Which I find to be a good start for most troubleshooting :o)

@jaz :) feel free to reach out whenever you suspect something is wrong. Only one person reported it to me and if they didn't I would probably still didn't notice it.
But I understand and I do the same, first thing I assume that I am doing something wrong.

@mastohost Appreciate you putting so much work into dealing with this paper cut.

@mastohost I would prefer invidious instead of directly to YT. ;)

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