I got some reports from servers hosted with me that had jobs stuck in Sidekiq queue.

From my testing this is related to an old issue with Terrapin and will install a forked version that should fix it: github.com/mastohost/terrapin/

Also, YouTube is still acting up and presenting captchas when attempting to get the preview cards, so I have hardcoded the oEmbed link: github.com/mastohost/mastodon/

I will be installing those fixes and there will be a downtime of ~30 seconds.

Any questions/issues let me know.

@mastohost Trying to access Sidekiq interface now gives me error 500 page?

@ondra It shouldn't. Could you please try another browser?

@mastohost Hmm, you're right, sorry... Works in different browser as well as in incognito mode. Seems like some issue on my side, will try to investigate later, thanks.

@ondra yep, probably some extension. Last week someone reported the same issue but didn't tell me if the source of the problem was found.

@mastohost I've tried couple of usual culprits... Disabling uBlock Origin, same-site policy issue wouldn't go away in Incognito, same for blocking 3rd-party cookies, caching issue should have been eliminated when I opened Network tab in Chrome DevTools with "disable cache" checked... Now I'm running out of ideas. :)


@ondra I can't reproduce it. Chrome (80.0.3987.106 Mac) works for me.

Have you tried a logout and log back in?

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@ondra strange but glad you found a solution. Thanks for letting me know

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