I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v3.1.3 for all Mastodon servers hosted by

There should be around 30 seconds of downtime during the upgrade.

You can read the changelog here:

Any issues or questions please let me know.

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Upgrade finished!

Everyone hosted in is now running 🐘 v3.1.3

Any issues please let me know.

Thanks :)


Can't get to my mastodon site via browser. Obviously using an app still works. Thanks.

@wjmaggos sorry for the delay on the reply it was night time here.

Strange, I got no reports and I can access it fine. Have you tried a different browser?


it was something to do with the way my VPN was connecting (getting a 403 forbidden error). reconnected and it is fine now. thanks again.

@wjmaggos glad you found the issue, thank you for letting me know

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