I have decided to introduce new plans for

This change will only affect new subscribers.

If you are already using the service, nothing will change, same pricing and conditions will continue to apply.

I offer some details about the change here: but do contact me if you have any questions.

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@mastohost out of personal interest, do you deduplicate media? Jortage does and it seems to make a big difference

@mastohost also what happens when the database size exceeds the limit? do you prune old remote toots?

@noiob I have automated cache clearing with the tools provided by Mastodon, in the case of database there really is only "tootctl status remove" that clears old posts from unfollowed users, but it really only makes a difference if you use relays.

If someone goes over the database size, I contact them and ask them either to pay for extra space (€1/month per GB) or to upgrade to another plan.

@noiob currently I don't, I use OVH object storage. I have been looking into it but haven't found a solution that is cost effective. The CPU/RAM cost of running deduplication after storage, are higher than the cost of storage.

Plus the cost of download transfer is higher than the cost of storage and deduplication doesn't solve that. But yeah is something I am interested in exploring in the future.

@mastohost una (who runs Jortage) wrote some custom code for it but I guess Jortage is a different kinda thing

@noiob never looked at Jortage but thanks for letting me know.

@mastohost Unless I am wrong your starting plan now is 6 whiles before it was 8.

That is good, I will self-host because is funny, but as soon as I run into troubles I will run with you.

The 5 active users (estimate limit) is for users registered on an instance? That means that any one-user instance will be OK with that limit?


@ggarron The old pricing for the cheapest plan was €7.

The estimate for active users is just that and estimate. There is no limit on the number of active users or registered users.

@mastohost Noob question, but I’m on the fence about a single user instance. At the moment I follow around 150 people, I have no idea what a relay is 😊 Would the lower tier be enough ? I don’t _need_ to have my own instance, just been visiting your site WAY too often 😇

@maique one word answer, yes.

But like most things it depends on the people you follow, how popular you become and your general usage.

But to give you an example, I had my instance running on the lower tier for a day (with more database disk storage) and it worked fine.

Looking at your profile, I don't think you would have a problem. If you don't use federation relays.

@maique by the way federation relays are optional and depend on third party servers to increase the reach of an instance.

When one instance subscribes to a relay, it stars receiving all public posts from other instances on that relay and sharing all public posts from that instance to all other instance in the relay.

It can be a good way to see more of the fediverse but it can also make the Federated Timeline noisy and increase the costs of running in instance.

@mastohost I looked it up in the meantime, thanks. Waiting for the tax return to make up my mind. As I said I don’t need it, but would love to have something to tinker with 😊 Obrigado

@mastohost 🙂 Vou continuar a visitar a página até lá, e a tentar perceber como seriam as coisas.

@maique first of the new plans :) please check your email

Ok, but when you talk about active users, are logged in users? or 5 concurrent visitors?



@ggarron Active users in that case is weekly active users, meaning they have logged in the past week.

This is just an estimation, with those same resources I have instances with over 50 weekly active users running and some with a single user active. It really depends on the usage.

The Active Users is just to give an idea of what on average you can expect, as it says on About Plans: "This value is just provided to give a rough estimate based on usage seen across Mastodon servers."

@mastohost very good plans! Keep up the good work! Thank you for all of the time and energy you put in.

@mastohost whenever you’re in Munich after this pandemic, I’ll happily invite you to classical Bavarian food and beer :)

@jwildeboer Sounds great, would gladly accept your invitation if I ever find myself in Munich. I don't drink alcohol but I sure eat :)

@mastohost is there any way to get visibility of current usage levels for existing hosted instances?

@james You can view your database size in Mastodon on Preferences->Administration->Dashboard
under Space Usage, PostgreSQL.

I can tell you the storage space for media if you want but right now there is no way for you to view it live.

I am working on an interface for that.

@mastohost good evening, I suggest also put the prices of the plans in US dollars. In some country is less expensive pay in US dollars that in Euro. Greetings from Argentina :-)

@hombrelobo2k It's a bit hard for me to manage because USD fluctuates and my costs are all in Euro but I will think about it. Thanks.

@mastohost Our current plan costs 7 per mo. What are the user #, db size, etc limits on this plan ?. Thx

@jc There is no limit in the number of users both on the plan you are using and on the new plans. The estimated active number of users displayed on the new plans is just that an estimation and depends on usage. It's just provided to give a rough estimate based on usage seen across Mastodon servers.

The only limit on your plan is Web and Sidekiq threads, that is equivalent to Concurrent Requests on you the new plans.

@jc Using the old Light plan that costs €7/month, the equivalent number of Concurrent Requests is 4.

The database size is only limited on the new plans but you can see your current usage on Mastodon by going to Preferences->Administration->Dashboard
under Space Usage, PostgreSQL.

Have a look at that and if you want to change to the new plans, please send me an email with the plan you want to change to.

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