I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v3.1.5 for all servers on

There shouldn't be more than 30 seconds of downtime.

You can view the release details here:

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And it's done! Every Mastodon server on is now running v3.1.5

It all looks good but any problems or questions please let me know 🐘

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@mastohost And, again, thank you, and this time from the account hosted with you.... 😆

@mastohost That’s my problem at the moment!! I don’t really have multiple personalities, just can’t make my mind up on the one personality I have! 🙃

@mastohost Even your account is still on the mothership! 😅

@maique I need a way to communicate in case my platform goes down. That’s why I have my account here.

@mastohost Your platform will never go down! Half the Fediverse would go down with it!!😂

@maique Nah, it's a small percentage and unfortunately it has gone down a couple of times. Also, I depend completely on a single data center, if something goes wrong there, I can't do a thing. It's hard to create a highly redundant system and keep the prices low, at least at this scale.

@mastohost I get it, I do. Even so, amazing service, nothing but kudos for all you’re doing.

@sunflowers I tend to wait 24 hours before installing new releases but this one was small and contained some important fixes, so I decided to push it faster :)

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